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You know, I'd hate to kill you.

But I will.

The funny thing is, you think you don't know who I am. But you do. I assure you, you know exactly who I am.

I am you.

I wish I could save you, I truly do. But he has taken over my mind, my spirit. And now I must kill you.

Oh, I'm sure you have many questions. I will answer them all in good time. First, I think I'll answer the most important question: How am I to kill you?

It's very simple, really. I won't go into details; it'll be more exciting that you don't know what's coming. But let me say, it will not be the painless death that you wished for. You will not live to a ripe old age, as you wished. I'm coming for you.


I'm sure the next big question is this: Who is he?

Honestly, that's a good question. Sometimes I wonder about it myself. He has never shown himself to me. He is only a voice in my head that I wish would disappear. Like I said, I don't want to kill you.

And no, I don't understand how I am you, and that I am to kill you. Technically, it makes no sense and it should not be possible in the scientific universe. Alas, my dear friend, we are not in the world of science.

We are in the world of wonder, awe, and most importantly, imagination.

But surely, if it is only imagination, then you are to wake up any minute now, warm in your bed.

This is not that case.

This is a different kind of imagination, the kind that lives deep within you that you cannot contain. You cannot tell me you don't know what I mean. You know perfectly well what I am talking about.

This is the imagination that children have. It can be used to create imaginary friends when they are lonely, it can turn the floor to lava. You can't tell me that you haven't experienced that.

But now, as you exit childhood, this imagination turns into the kind that you try to shove away. Of course, it still can be good. But adults fear it, and they try to leave this imagination behind. They lose their fun, energetic personality as they begin to work, make money, live on their own, and start a family.

You have kept this imagination, I think. But you have lost the fun part of it. Perhaps if you try to regain your fun side, you can escape your fate. Perhaps, if you try hard enough, you can escape him.

However, I would not have too much hope.

He is very controlling, and he will do whatever he can to turn that beautiful imagination into....well...me.

I will not lie to you: I do not think you can escape this.

Moving on from that, I would like to say a few things.

As of now, your father sits in his dark grey chair, reading Lord of the Flies by the fire. The flame is dimming, and he grows cold. Yes, he will go get a sweater, but your little sister will come by. Her little curls will bounce, gleaming in the firelight, as she picks up the book and shrugs, tossing it carelessly to the side.

That's when your mother will come in.

Hold on.

I know you are wondering why I am telling you this, but you will understand in good time.

Anyway, your mother will waltz into the room, humming a Beatles song merrily as she swipes a duster lightly over the mantle. She will spot the book, pick it up, and lay it delicately on the chair where your father sat less than 2 minutes ago. Then, she will make her exit.

Your father will come back with a sweater tucked close to him, and he will spot the book, smile, and pick it up. He will not know the small journey that it took.

You see, sometimes life throws twists and turns your way that you will have to adapt to. But if you take the right path, everything will turn out fine, and life will return the way it was. Sometimes, you will not realize that anything happened.

But there is another right path, one that will take you somewhere different than where you started. Sometimes it turns out wonderfully, and you are glad that you took that path. Sometimes, it doesn't turn out that well, and you regret your choice.

For instance, if your little sister had grabbed the book and tossed it out of the open window without realizing it, that book could be picked up by someone else and go on a whole other adventure; it could start a new life.

But if she had tossed it into the corner, your mother would not have seen it and not have placed it back on the chair. No, my friend, that book would have laid there for years before it was found, collecting dust and posing no purpose but to be a wonderful place for spiders to make webs.

So now you realize that even the simplest things in life can hold so much meaning, such as a book. Now you understand that those such things could show you that in life, you have many choices, each that lead to the same life, a better life, or one worse than you started.

And with that knowledge, you may now make your choice.

Do you choose to accept your fate, therefore taking the lesser path?

Or do you regather this fun and happy imagination, remove him from your life, and continue as you have been, choosing the path that will take you right back where you started?

But perhaps you try to take the most difficult path, but the one with the much better outcome?

I know not what you will pick, but I do know that it is up to you. You can change your life at any point in time.

Anybody can.

All they have to do is see that the moment to pick their path has come, and that they must pick the right one.

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05:24 Jun 03, 2020

I saw your comment on Kavita Rawat's story That was very thoughtful of you.. I liked your helping attitude. So I thought I will check your profile. I liked this story Actually, this is something new to me - I, you, he.. in a story I think I should give it a try next time Hope you will read my story "The Unattended Antique", and leave feedback It's the first story that I wrote


Zea Bowman
12:24 Jun 03, 2020

Thank you for the feedback! I would love to come by and look at your story :)


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Noor Ahmed
12:52 Jun 12, 2020

Hey! I'm here from the critique circle! This is marvelous! I can not describe in words how much I like this story. I really liked your use of second person. The word choice was perfect. The descriptions were excellent. This story is also very meaningful. We must use our imaginations. Nowadays, school is about memorizing stuff. You aren't using your brain. This was a helpful reminder that we need to be more creative. Again, I absolutely love this! Stay safe. ~noor a.


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Kendra Stone
04:59 Jun 03, 2020

Oh, wow! This story in the beginning is just filled with mystery! Your ending was a hit! Keep writing, you are excellent at drawing people in close with your rhythm, flow, and drama in your stories. Again, keep writin'! 😃😃


Zea Bowman
23:11 Jun 04, 2020

Thank you so much! I appreciate that you took some of your time to read it! Once again, thank you. :)


Kendra Stone
01:50 Jun 05, 2020

No problem at all! 💗


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Meggy House
14:39 Sep 21, 2020

Wow! This sure was captivating. I like how you start out with the whole "I'm going to kill you" thing and then you describe imagination, and that description just completely transports me. I feel like I'm in the living room with the family. It feels so cozy and warm. I've completely forgotten about the whole murder. Then the ending pulls me right back. You leave a glimmer of a possibility for the murderee to escape with the power of their imagination, but it's not cliche, it feels so plausible. It makes sense. This whole story makes sens...


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