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May 29, 2020


Dear me when I'm older,  2/13/2001

Do I have a big house when I'm big and old? Am I tall? Do I still hate math? I guess I'll be smarter when I'm older and super wise. Maybe I'll have glasses. My favorite sport is cheerleading, but I'm very bad at it. (Don't tell anyone, but I only play because my friends do.) Today I also broke a lamp while trying to get better at cheer. My father was super mad at me, and my 3 sisters laughed. I'll be so ruined if anyone finds this, especially my sisters. One last question, when I get older, will I be a better person? I have to go; my sisters are coming. 

Dear me when I was younger,   4/6/2024

 Greetings. To start this letter I think I'll begin by answering your questions. I'm old now, but I'm still short. I have an okay size house, and yes, I really hate math. I found you hiding in a box upstairs. Actually, I should say my daughter found it. Being a parent is hard, and it takes up so much of my energy. I wish I could re-live my days as an innocent kid like you. It's just, I have no idea where my life is headed and it bothers me to think so much about my future, her future, and everyone's future! I think I forgot the last question you asked. Coming from a parent to a child, I guess it depends. The answer to all questions depend. I should be asking you that question, my child. Do you think I'm a good person?

Dear me when I'm older,     3/10/2001

I got a bad grade today, a c on my math test. IT'S NOT MY FAULT I DON"T KNOW PERCENTAGES!!! Percentages are dumb. I hate the 6th grade. Middle school sucks. Everyone is out to get you, to make you fall down. I love my librarian, Mrs. Wilcox. She lets me eat in her room because I have no friends. Me when I'm older, am I naive? Kids at school call me that, and I'm really not! I don't feel like myself. 


Dear me when I was younger,   5/3/2024

Don't worry about it. Everyone has bad days, including me. (I still struggle with percentages) When you get older, you hope you stay naive. Being innocent is your best friend as a child. I've shown this to Amara, my daughter, and she loves it. She often asks me the same questions but about herself. Though the memories are vague, I remember Mrs. Wilcox. I never had such a great librarian than her. I guess I decided to take a peek at this journal since Amara is dealing with bullies. Now I know the best way to tackle it. Sometimes, you do need broken wings to learn to fly. Remember that now. 

Dear me when I'm older,     1/25/2002

Omg what is this, like I was so surprised when i found this sitting in my closet. Of course, I was like, heeey, what's this sitting in my closet!! Seventh grade is an eye-opener for me. btw, if you use lots of acronyms, people think you're cool. in 6th grade, i was a total noob. Star Wars is the BEST! Just, amazing. What color makeup do u use there in the future. I'm not sure what to pick.

Dear me when I was younger,     5/4/2024

Woah! That got different quickly. I do NOT wear makeup since it looks terrible on me, and fix your grammar! You don't know it yet, but finishing your work is more important than the usage of acronyms. What happened to you? I remember it was definitely the teenage drag thing. Now, I'm super happy I'm old and wrinkly. Still happy you enjoy writing though. Star Wars was good. Yes, star wars were the thing in 2002. The movies come out better each time. Lord of the Rings is good too. "My precious!" To use your beloved acronyms, here I would insert, lol. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I love feeling like a kid. 

Dear me when I'm older and grown-up and wiser, and please help me!!!,  7/12/2007

I'm broke, worthless, and a senior in high school. If I even was going to go to college, where would I go? I wish I was younger so I could fix things in my life. I have one last chance, or perhaps seventh grade was my last chance. To sum it up, I began failing classes, didn't care about my life, and partied all day to find myself a senior in high school. Nobody likes me except my parents, and my older sisters look down on me like I'm trash. This is way worse than getting a c on a math test. This is real. 

Dear me when I was younger and blind to the world, 6/7/2024

I get it because I was you. In that situation, I got into my passion. I began to live. Right now, I'm going through a lot. My mother died. I'm not being formal and saying"passed away" because I want to give her respect by saying what really happened. I too wish I was younger. No fluffy clouds on this side kid. Life is still life you know, life. You've only got one to live, and I plan on doing so myself. It seems impossible. How can I go on? I think Amara helps me mentally. Yes, I do it because of her. You must find your own path. I did it, so I know you did it. 

Dear me when I'm older,  3/19/2012

So, I don't know where life took me, and now I guess I'm a doctor. A psychiatrist, to be precise. Getting in all the nitty-gritty is quite a challenge. I know what I had to do, and then I just did it. Working back to my full potential took a while, and though there are no regrets, many of my friends dumped me. The lesson for next time: choose friends wisely. Med school took a lot of denied applications and dead-ends, but I went to a community college and found my way up. Thanks for everything me when I was younger and me when I'm older. I learned from both. 

Dear me when I was younger, 12/1/2024

You're very welcome. 

Dear mom,  10/23/2025

Hi!! I just learned how to write a letter at school! I never knew you hated math or struggled a lot. I love reading, and I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. Why don't you ever write sincerely in your letters? That's improper grammar:)



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Daryl Gravesande
13:42 Jun 01, 2020

AMAZING STORY. A hidden gem for the ages! I heard you like twists; I have a new story! Tell me what you think!


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Roshna Rusiniya
18:20 Jun 05, 2020

This is a lovely story. A simple plot, but told beautifully. Well done!


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Vrishni Maharaj
00:32 Jun 03, 2020

Hey, lovely story!


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Lynn Penny
21:25 Jun 02, 2020

This was great, built a beautiful storyline with a lot of emotion. Great use of the prompt!


21:26 Jun 02, 2020

Thank you so much!


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14:34 Mar 09, 2021

Your writing is awesome! this was so sweet.......... =) Happy Today!


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