“Nanna Nanna can I have a cookie please.”

Nanna is my most favourite person in the whole wide world. She always gives me lot of hugs, kisses and cookies. Nanna is just short for grandmother. I know her since I was a little one and she almost everyday reminds me that she is older than me. When I am at Nanna’s house I feel safe and protected. Other than being at Dad’s house where Auntie Britney pretends to be my mommy.

My mommy died when I was only 5 years old. I don’t remember much about her only that she loved mermaids just like me. I love Ariel. I think Ariel were stupid to go up to the land to meet her prince. If it were up to me I would have married flounder, because he is my best friend and would never leave me alone to cry on my own.

Daddy has changed a lot since Mamma died, but I guess that’s how grownups are. You are happy like a chappy then you get boring and then you get sweet like Nanna. O how I love Nanna have I told you that already?

O yeah I guess I did.

Okay back to business.

“Nanna please just one more cookie I promise I would behave.”

Like I would leave my Nanna alone to watch soapies when she can play with me instead. She always cries when watching soapies, I think they make her sad, so she can play with me instead.

“Nanna, why do you sit here all day?”

“My child I don’t have anything else to do.”

“But Nanna you can play with me and we can we can build mud pies and walk and.”

“Shh hush my child Santa Barbara is on.”

“But Nanna …”

“I gave you a cookie now run along and play.”

“But Nanna …”

“Go play in the attic!”

With that a smile crept on my face. I have never ever played in the attic before. There are a lot of amazing things there. I can go play detective inside there.

Mrs Nancy Drew here for business.

I then started humming Pink panther’s detective song.

“T-re T-re …..”

“Hush child go play.”

O yes I forgot about Nanna, on to the attic

Humming softer now:

“T-re T-re.”

I descend the stairs and open the attic door. It’s like a wonderland for me upstairs. There are costumes and crystal balls, hats and scarfs, hoola hoops and big furry shoes. I love this place. This is now my new favourite place.

O look there’s a big mirror to.

“Thinking what I’m thinking.”

I say to myself.

“Dress up”

 I scream.

I grab a pair of furry pants, furry shoes and a leather jacket, or I think its leather.

“Now I am Sir Fluffle. Here for duty.”

I walk around the room making groan like noises for I have heard from granny that bears are sometimes lazy.

“Next up” I grab pink pants a set of fairy wings and an orange t-shirt with the logo green is good.

“Green fairy.”

On my tip toes I go and dance around the attic and sing. Then something catches my eyes. 

It’s a mermaid pendant. Almost the exact replica of what mother use to wear.

On my tip toes I go to the pendant. Nanna has told me previous years before if she ever lets me play in the attic I may not go near her priced belongings and this pendant was between those.

I check the door then the window then the walls no one there.

“Nancy Drew back in business.”

I sneak to the pendant.

It almost shines more as I come closer and closer.

The pendant is round with a mermaid engraving on it. It shines a blue colour and when you look at it more closely you can see the following words on the back.


Why would Nanna not want me to play with this? She always say nothing can hurt us we are protected. My Mamma looks from heaven to me.

I then grab the necklace and put it on. Suddenly a light come from within the necklace and picks me up.

“AAAA” I scream.

The necklace goes red then green then red again.

“Aaaa it’s hurting me.”

I don’t want this necklace on anymore, but as I try to take it off it just burns me more and more.


I scream again. It feels as though there is electricity in my hands as if I can make everything happen.


I scream again. Nanna comes rushing upstairs and looks at me sternly.

“I told you not to play with the things in that corner.”

Nanna flicks her hand and dumpf I land on the floor. She flicks her hand again and there goes the necklace back in its rightful place.

“Nanna what just happened? Nanna is that magic? Nanna am I going to die?”

“Hush child none of this I will tell you when your sixteen.”

“But Nanna..”

“I said no; now let’s go get you a cookie.”

Nanna won’t look at me at all and she locked the door to the attic, but I know I will get in there somehow. I am curious out of my mind now, but you’ll see ill find out what Nanna is hiding from me. 


3 years earlier


“Dada where’s Mama?”

“She is with the mermaids in the sea, she belongs there…”

I look at Dada with funny eyes.

“What Dada? Is she with Ariel?”

Dada looks at me weirdly then remembers something. He starts speaking then Nanna interrupts him. She looks at Dada.

“The time is not right; we will tell her when the time is right.”

Then she looks at me.

“Your Mother is in the heaven she is looking down at you. No need to worry child. “She indicates to her heart, She is always in here.”

3 Years later


I begin to put the pieces together, I still don’t know what Nanna or Dada were talking about ,but I know it has something to do with Mama and the necklace I found.

Now for my 6th cookie:)

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Pragya Rathore
18:36 Jun 02, 2020

Wow.... I'm so amazed, this was dazzlingly lovely.... Awesome job!! You are so talented... great going! Please check out my new stories too :p


Anja Z
19:40 Jun 02, 2020

Awww thank you soo much :) I will do. Stay safe.


Pragya Rathore
19:58 Jun 02, 2020

Thanks in advance :) Please do it soon!!


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Daryl Gravesande
13:54 Jun 01, 2020

Love this story! A couple of grammatical errors, but that's to be expected. Your style of writing is sooo unique! Also, sorry to self-promote, but I have a new story! Tell me what you think!


Anja Z
14:05 Jun 01, 2020

Thank you soo soo much :) I will check it out just now


Daryl Gravesande
14:05 Jun 01, 2020



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Kathleen March
00:30 May 31, 2020

Just a couple of comments for a sweet story. Punctuation/spelling are very important, so Josie's, too vs. to, and Nana vs. Nanna. Nice effort.


Anja Z
12:46 May 31, 2020

Thank you so much


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Heissell Ramirez
13:32 Jun 04, 2020

Great story. I really liked the child's point of view of how adults change from happy to boring to Nanna. All of the mermaid parts were excellent foreshadowing - feels like there is a family secret here. Just out one note, if this story is from a 5 year old's point of view perhaps the dialogue and narration should be a little more simplified, like a young would speak.


Anja Z
17:20 Jun 04, 2020

Thank you.


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