May 29, 2020


   10 years earlier 

      In a deep dark jungle, a team of 5 scientists discovered a weird object and when touched causes grave danger. This object glowed bright blue and was in a starlike shape. They discovered the object when they were doing a secret investigation at Mount Linai. Bob, one of the scientists, touched the object. All of a sudden, there was a loud boom and all five scientists were zapped from existence, never to be seen from or heard again.

      “Hello and welcome to City News, I’m your anchor Martin Lin and I have breaking news.” “Last night, a team of 5 scientists disappeared out of nowhere. We are searching near Mount Linai where they were last seen.” “Let’s go to our eyewitness John Kandinsky for details.”

      “Hey Martin,” exclaimed John. “Bob Marsh was one of my good friends and told me where he was going that night.” “We were all at my house and then out of the blue he just left.” I asked him where he was going and he said Mount Linai.” “Bob never told me anything about his job.” “All I knew was that he was a scientist doing important research.”

     “Ok thank you John.” “Now we are going to take a quick commercial break.”

Present Day

     It was the last day of school for Bella Marsh and she was excited to be graduating from middle school. Her mom hopped into the car and drove her to the ceremony.

“You know I wish dad were here,” said Bella. 

 “I know you do honey,” replied her mom. “But, I know if he were here he’d be really happy for you.” “That car accident was so scary, I’m lucky to be alive.

     Smiling, Bella climbed out of the car and ran to her group of 4 friends. Bella was the funny one, she was always trying to make her friends laugh. Meghan was the serious one and very smart. Alex was the sporty guy and was good at almost every sport. Brady was the artsy one. He was good at creating inventions.

     “Guys I can’t believe we’re graduating,” shouted Bella. 

     “Yeah I know,” replied Alex. “I can’t wait for high school.

      “I just hope I got enough high school credits,” exclaimed Meghan. 

      “Same,” said Brady.”

      “Guys after school come to my house,” said Bella. 

      “Sure,” they all replied.

     After promotion, all four friends headed to Bella’s house to celebrate. They turned on the tv and then something caught Meghans eye. 

     “Hello and welcome to city news.” “I’m your host Martin Lin.” “Today I have breaking news!” “It was been exactly 10 years since Bob Marsh.”

     Meghan paused the tv and shouted, “Isn’t Bob Marsh your dads name Bella.

     “No,” replied Bella. “His name was Robert I think.”

     Meghan unpaused it and then saw a picture. “Uh Bella I think that’s your dad”

“Wait a minute why does it say he and 4 friends went missing at Mount Linai?” Asked Bella.

 “Well this incident happened ten years ago,”replied Meghan.

  “Wait but hasn’t Bella always said he died in a car accident,” said Brady.

  “So you guys are saying my mom has been lying to me this whole time?” questioned Bella.

  Her friends nodded their heads and walked out the door. In the evening at dinner Bella brought up her dad. “Mom how did dad die?” asked Bella.

   “Honey I’ve already told you he died in a car crash,” she answered.

   “Then, how come I saw on the news that he disappeared out of nowhere 10 years ago, and was never seen again.”

     Bella’s mother's face became a pale white. “I just didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to scare you.” “Here let me show you something that your father had found.” “This was on the ground and they gave it to me.”

    Her mother carefully opened a small box and revealed a bright blue star like object. Bella’s mouth was wide open. She took the object and placed it above her nightstand. 

     That night, as Bella was touching the bright blue object, the blue light went out and there was a loud boom and Bella was gone. 

      “Bella time for breakfast,” her mother shouted. There was no answer. So she called for Bella again. Wondering what was wrong her mother walked up the stairs. To her surprise Bella wasn’t there. Her mother freaked and frantically began searching the house for her. “Maybe she ran away because I lied to her,” she thought.

       Ding dong, the doorbell rang. Bella’s mom opened the door and saw three smiling faces. 

        “Good morning miss,” said Alex.

        “What’s wrong?” asked Meghan.

        “Well I can’t find Bella anywhere.” “I searched the whole house.

        “Do you want us to help you find her?” Brady asked.

         Ms Marsh nodded at the three kids as she ushered them inside. The kids went up the stairs to Bella’s room and began to search. 

         Bella awoke and was in complete darkness. She couldn’t see anything and had no idea where she was. All of a sudden, there was a bright light that shined in her eyes. 

         “Who are you?” said a deep gruff voice.  

         “I’m Bella Marsh.” “Wait a minute, you're my dad!”

           The man nodded and told Bella it had been 10 years.

          “We’re trying to find a way out but I’m starting to give up.”


         “Guys where do you think she went,” exclaimed Brady. He was looking at things on Bella’s desk. Then, he saw a blue star like shaped objects. Brady grabbed it and then, there was a loud boom and he was zapped from existence. “OMG where did he just go?”said Alex. “Uh I have no idea,” yelled Meghan. “I thought you were supposed to be the smart one,”exclaimed Alex. “Wait a minute.” “Don’t you remember what it said on the news?” “No,” answered Meghan. “Why don’t we rewatch it.”


        “Dad, how come you look the same?” asked Bella. “Well here every year is a minute.” “Wait, so you're saying I have been here for 2 years?” 


         All of sudden there was a loud thud. “What was that,” yelled Bob. He shined the light on Brady. “Who are you,” Bob yelled. “I’m Bella’s friend.” Bella ran over to him and hugged him.

         “Hello and welcome to City News! “I’m your host Martin Lin and I have breaking news!” “It has been exactly 10 years since Bob Marsh has been missing.” “He was last seen with a strange blue glowing object.” “Anyone who touches it will be in grave danger.” “Uh Alex that glowing thing that Brady touched must be that thing,” she said as she was pointing at the tv. “I think if we destroy it we save the people inside,” exclaimed Meghan. “They must be trapped inside.” “How do you know all this?” asked Alex. “Oh I’ve read tons of fanfiction,” screamed Meghan. She got a baseball bat from Alex’s house. She gave it to him and he gave it his best whack. The tiny pieces shattered everywhere. “I don’t see anything,” said Alex. Meghan grabbed a magnifying glass and looked at the particles. “OMG I see 7 people and two of them are Bella and Brady.” “Except they're all tiny.” “Let me see,” said Alex. “How are we supposed to make them normal size?”

          Bella looked up to see two giants. They were Alex and Meghan. 

          “Uh guys why are we so small?” she asked. “I’m afraid we’ll have to stay like this,” her father said. “Until someone finds a way.”



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Pragya Rathore
14:10 Jun 04, 2020

What a plot twist! I loved the ending. You have such a unique writing voice. I loved this story. Keep it up!! :) Please check out my stories too :D


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Writers Block
04:10 Jun 10, 2020

Sequel please. . . .part deux


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Blane Britt
04:50 Jun 05, 2020

Good Story.


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May Mills
00:16 Jun 05, 2020

What an adventure! Great story.


Show 0 replies
Rhondalise Mitza
16:30 Jun 03, 2020

Ohh, neat plot twist, Amelia!


Show 0 replies
Roland Aucoin
19:21 Jun 11, 2020

Cool Story. I could see it as a 'teen tale'.


Show 0 replies
Asposhto Prakash
07:12 Jun 05, 2020

Did not see that coming


Show 0 replies
Alka Sharma
16:09 Jun 04, 2020



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Roshna Rusiniya
16:05 Jun 04, 2020

I loved how smoothly the story flowed. The last part cracked me up. Well done Amelia.


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