Arise Sun, Arise Moon.

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Dorothy Moon. That was her name. He liked how it sounded on his tongue and how the o’s made him think whoa. His first reaction to an arranged marriage was ughh, but once he heard that name it was like it was meant to be. Of course he never met her before, but yet it felt like he knew her. His dad has told him many things.  First thing she had red hair and green eyes, second she was part of the cheerleading squad. Dorothy Moon.  His … forever ….. always. Although he didn’t know how she looked and was bound to find out soon he were meant to marry her to align the packs. His Sun pack and hers the Moon.


Tanner  Suns.  Ugg. She doesn’t even like the name “Tanner”, let alone the place she had to go too.  Just because she was meant to marry him didn’t mean she was meant to love him right? She had this odd feeling that everything was going the wrong way and that leaving here was the biggest mistake she was ever going to make, but she had no choice her pack needed to align with the Sun packs for extra soldiers and the Sun pack needed hers for theirs strength. She knew how to fight and she didn’t care on teaching other packs how to fight, but marrying into another pack on the age of 17 was just disgusting.

She heard that Tanner were 26 years old.  That is 9 years older than she and that he was charming and arrogant, but guess what?  She could also be a bitch.  She was known across the town as the most “bitchyish” girl in Switzerland and damn if she was going to let a man tell her how to behave.  

It was 6 in the morning and Tanner was getting ready for work putting on a tight white shirt and black jeans with sneakers. Today was the day he was going to meet his betrothed. He had his most s seductive smile on and his mind straight on one thing to tell Martha at work they were history.

Martha was his on and off girlfriend and one of his closest friend’s sisters.  She was okay looking he guess, but she just didn’t give him the spark. She was good in bed and had tight perky breast, but she just didn’t do it for him anymore not after hearing about Dorothy and dreaming about her.

Dorothy was getting reading for school eating her breakfast and dressing in her most gothic clothes. She was innocent, but damn if she led him knew that.  Today was the day she had to say goodbye to her friends and how she hated this.  She thought she hadn’t had to say goodbye to them at least till the age of 24.  That was all over now; she couldn’t meet him anymore, because she was already “promised” to another.

Upon entering the school her friends had the cutest pout on their faces.

“O Dory please stay with us.”

“O Dory it won’t be the same here without you.”

They both pouted.

She thought about how the day could get any worse and then it happened.

Nathan, her arch enemy entered pushed her against the wall and said: “Your bitch now you’re getting married to Tanner, I hope you both rot in hell.” He stroked her cheek and then left.

She never knew why he always did this, but then she understand that maybe he liked her.  She felt sad for she had a crush on him so long and now she couldn’t even take that further.


Martha didn’t take the news well.  She screamed, beg and even hit me. She was a bad person all in one, but she did help him through tough times.  As the day progressed he was getting more and more excited to meet Dorothy and upon entering home he showered and got changed. He was meeting her this afternoon.


Upon arrival at Tanner’s hometown, Dorothy’s nerves were sky high. What is he didn’t like her? What if he refused to marry her?  What will her father do if this happens, they need the soldiers?

She could feel her wolf inside her wanting to get out and run. It was pacing the corridors of her mind making her more anxious.

“Shh honey”

Her dad said.

“I can practically feel your wolves’ presence.”

Then her dad stopped in front of Tanner’s house.

My betrothed was here I could feel it.  The sense I could smell it smelt like vanilla and pine.  What an odd combination it was?  Not matter I knew she was here, but once my mother led her and her parents in I was shock. Was this her?

It looked just liked the girl my brother described as his mate.

There was the red hair that fell into waves on her shoulders.

There were the most beautiful green cat eyes.

There were her full lips that were as pink as a baby’s bottom.

He instantly liked her, how odd that his brother’s mate description had the same details as his betrothed.  No matter - she was his!

I walked into the house and was greeted by Tanner’s parents:

“Hello dear.”


I looked up at Tanner and he had this puppy dog expression in his eyes he looked into my eyes with so much love, but as I looked into his eyes I just felt ….nothing, but he seemed vaguely familiar.


Weeks past and it was the day before my birthday. Tanner was his loving self towards me, always giving me compliments, giving me affection, but I just felt so empty.

This last couple of weeks were amazing with Tanner, but not the amazing I wanted.  I felt for Tanner like I would feel for a friend.  There were no sparks from my side and no loving affection, but I knew I had to show some soon for the pack wanted us to be wed soon. I just felt so at odd I wanted my mate to come and rescue me, but I felt as though the Earth goddess had cursed me and forgotten about me.

I was sitting on a bench in the garden when I heard a commotion from inside.

“What his coming back.”

“My brother is coming back, Dad I thought you told him not to set foot here again what am I going to tell Dorothy now?  I just say Hi Dorothy I have a brother and he is the complete opposite of me?”

I heard Tanners mother cry and his Dad yell some more at Tanner.

Wait what, Tanner has a brother?

I walked inside the house to hear more about Tanner’s brother, but every time I tried opening my mouth to say something his mother or his dad would ask me a question.

“Dorothy you look lovely today, do you have makeup on?”

“No Miss Sun. I …”

“O Dorothy Tanner is taking you to the garden for a date lets go help you get ready.”

As Tanner and I were having our romantic garden date Tanner got al fidgety.

“What wrong”

“I want to kiss you so badly, but I don’t know if you would stop me.”

I leaned in and he took that as his answer and kissed me passionately with so much love, I waited for any feeling to begin any toe curling sensation… Nothing.

“Whoa” Tanner said. “That was amazing”

“ I …” just as I was about to say something in return all the pack members came rushing outside and I knew he was going to ask me to marry him.

Dorothy Moon, the badass girl , would you be as kind to be my wife?

I was shocked. Did he really feel any spark? What must I do now? I don’t feel the same way, but for the packs?

My knight came for saving…



“Nathan what are you doing here?”

“I live here.”

Just liked that everything made sense, he was Tanner’s brother.

Nathan and Dorothy stared long into each other’s eyes and here’s a bit of a secret from my side they are bound. When Dorothy turns 18 in tomorrow days she will know that he is her mate, but will she reject Tanner?



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23:40 May 25, 2020

Hi!! I really truly love this story, and it would be amazing to see more of your writing! It would be awesome if you read Daryl Gravesande's stories, and then like and follow!! His favorite is the first! Then please spread the word! I would gladly do the same for you! Thanks so much for the support! Stay safe!-Avery.


00:19 May 26, 2020


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Daryl Gravesande
02:15 May 25, 2020

Amazing story! I love how you make the characters speak. It sounds like I'm listening to a REAL convo! Love the work! Keep it up!


Anja Z
09:37 May 25, 2020

Thank you so much , i really appreciate your feedback.


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