The burning wind

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Submitted on 04/16/2020

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I was exhausted by walking for an hour in this deep and dark forest. It felt like the forest is attracting me toward himself. Feeling out of breath I sat down at one of the trees tilting in a horizontal manner maybe it was fallen from yesterday storm.

I should have stepped out yesterday, the storm might take away my soul with the wind freeing myself from this caged body. Now it is time it is not late to do it anyway I had been walking a long way from the home to complete it.

From my back pocket, I removed a small kitchen knife but don't get confused from the knife size as the blade around the corner was sharp. I had spent my whole night sharping it, one stroke on my hand and I am free from this material world.

My throat was dry from all walking things I removed the bottle from the bag chugging half of the water quenching my thirst. I don't want to die thirsty a quick and easy death will be preferred.

A broken stick noise from the left side made me turn my head a rabbit coated in a snow-white fur was eating the leaves. A smile crept on my face seeing a beautiful creature in desert-like finding hope in the darkest moment of life.

Is there hope for me? I wondered. A hand placed on my shoulder made a scream escaped from my mouth.

"Do you have some water?" A man in his early old age asked his face was covered in a wrinkle the skin around his arms had been loosening up.

I handed him the bottle he chucked it all down "Thank you my child" he said handing the bottle back.

"I am looking for my granddaughter". he said.

" I didn't saw anyone around here". I said so that he can leave me all alone.

"Ohh...she is very naughty. We sort of play hide and seek during summer" he explained.

" What are you doing here?" He asked. "I hadn't seen you here before".

" I came here for my project". Committing suicide is a kind of project only you have to plan the date the place how you want to die?

"What kind of project?"

"Study of plants".

" Ah.. then I can help you in that as I am an expert in plants, therefore, I reside nearby".

"So what kind of plants are you studying?"


" What kind of plant?"

"Er...fruit. Yes, fruit plant I had a project on fruit plants".

"Fruit plants" he repeated with raised eyebrows. I can hardly see any fruits here in the middle of the forest. What a wonderful thing? I complimented myself. Maybe I can excel in stupid things breaking all the records or holding a Guinness book of record for stupidity.

"I know a place where you can find the sweetest fruit you have ever tasted in your life".

"You must search for your granddaughter. I will find it, I want to do it alone without any help".

"Don't worry about her she will not be far away she must be nearby I must say she is very naughty". He walked away evaporating in the thick woods.

After walking for 15 minutes we landed in front of a big apple tree. He picked a bright red velvet color apple moaning in pleasure as he takes a bite.

"This is the juiciest apple I had ever eaten. It is different from the market ones that's why he is hidden deep here". He said handing me the apple.

"Take a bite". He said. I turn it to another side where he hadn't eaten moving it up toward my mouth.

It is like a sweet explosion inside my mouth with a slight honey taste. "It is delicious". I said closing my eyes and moaning in the same pleasure as the sweet taste mixed in my saliva.

I opened my eyes only to find the old man out of my sight I was first relieved but there was sudden loneliness inside my heart


I had been searching for the old man for the past 20 minutes. I was knocking on the wooden door it might the old man's house I can't find any house nearby beside this.

A girl opened the door with curly hair her face was a beautiful one with sharp features anyone can be smitten by looking at her.

" Who is there?" It was the same old voice. Hearing him the girl ran away elegantly.

"Ah, there you are". The man said. "I am so sorry for the sudden disappearance you were enjoying the apple and my granddaughter found me. She was hungry so I just can't upset her".

"It's okay never mind. I thought something bad might happen to you".

"Oh, I lived here for approximately 60 or 70 years. I know every corner around the woods. You don't have to worried about me."

"I must go then".

"Come on in I am making a muffin you should take a bite". He said.

"Flower would be delighted to eat with you". He said.

"Flower my granddaughter". He explained.

I stepped inside the house feeling the warm air that was missing inside my room. The old man walked toward the kitchen making a whisking sound. I looked around or you can say inspect like a policeman.

I must say there was not a picture of his family her granddaughter was giggling and running here and there.

" We had talked so much. But I didn't know your name?" I said loudly so that he can hear.

"What?" He said.

"Your name". I yelled.

His granddaughter stopped in front of my morning from her hands to lower myself.

"His name is forest". She whispered in my ear running away. I smiled indeed she was naughty like he told back but there were so many positive vibes coming from here.

There was nothing special maybe his house was as old as he was smelled like rotten woods. I land at the backyard inhaling the fresh air turning sideways screams escaped from my mouth.

I blinked my eyes as but the body was there right in front of me. It was none other than me lying there covered in blood. My wrist was wide open a knife was there beside my body.

I tried reaching my back pocket for the knife it was not there. Smoke was coming out from the body I was sweating profusely the wind had stopped now.

The old man was there the backyards her granddaughter was standing beside him. The old man's arms were now like ash dripping down from his body his granddaughter's face was burned to my horror. I looked back at my body it was also burning down by the immense heat.


"Sir a body has been found?" A man dressed in a navy blue suit said to his officer.

"What?" The officer asked.

"It is of a girl, teenage I think already dead. His wrist was cut open by a knife". The man reported to his officer.

" Burned everything down". The officer said. "We are already behind on the project. There are two more building projects we have to focus on". The officer ordered looking at the blueprints.

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