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August 8, 1980

I hate Mom. The cat survived. What is she so mad about? Dad sed cats always land on ther feet, how was I to know for sure.

Now I am grounded. Mom told me to rite my thots in this note book. The pages are full of blank lines. She sez she will help me spell. Mom will not be much help. The baby crys and crys. Forchunetly I am good at sounding out words.

Wer did the baby come from. Why did the baby come here if this is all it can do. The baby bothers us all.

The hayloft is only 8 feet hi Dad sez. I did not even get a good look when Trixie landed. But it seemd she landed paws first.

September 9, 1980

Boring old school. LOOONG bus ride. At school Greg pretends not to know me. The girls dont like me eether. Fooey on them. Only Trixie and Boojums are my frends and they dont go to school. I wish they could speek.

Beth is no frend becoz she is a baby. Sometimes she smiles. Mom sez its gas.

September 14, 1980

I am so mad. Timmy got left outside for all of noon hour. He is grade 1. He peed his pants. All the kids lauft. I told Miss K. She came and got Timmy. Now they lauf at me. I screemed at them wat am I sposed to do.

September 18, 1980

Dad yelled at me. I dont know why. Mom sez becoz HARVEST.

Mom sez dont frown like that Holly and I sed why not. She sez your face will get stuk that way.

September 19, 1980

I did a frown all day. Miss K sed whats rong Holly. Mom sed whats rong. Dad sed whats rong. I will do a frown in bed until I fall asleep. My face hurts.

September 20, 1980

Wen I woke up my face did not have a frown.

I asked Mom wer she got so many rong ideas.

October 31, 1980

Best day ever. Halloween Party at school. I puked. Lots of candy. I hid the extra candy in the barn. I mite shar with Greg.

November 10, 1980

Tomorrow is a holiday. YAY!!!!

Today we had asembly. Evryone brung popies they made.

Uncle Jarvis came to tell us about his war.

Wen I looked at him on stage his nose did not look so big.

November 18, 1980

Sometimes I can talk to Greg on the bus. We wisper like spys.

January 2, 1981

Uncle Jarvis came for Xmas and now he wont leave. He gave me Lavandar soap for Xmas. SOAP?! At least he gave Boojums a nice thing – a rohide bone.

But wer is Trixies present.

Mom gave me a reel Diary. It has a key!!

I gave Beth my Elvis teddy ber. She likes to suk on his nose. I used to do that too.

January 15, 1981

Mom sez I have to rite thankyou notes to Granma and Granpa for the ugly dress. Dad sez its pretty.

I sed get new glases Dad.

January 31, 1981

Mom sed Holly DONT use your fork to get bred from the toster!

So I used my nife. It made litning and sparks jump from toster to nife. The power blew out. Dad got mad. Mom sed thank GOD that nife had a bone handle.

Then she got mad.

February 2, 1981

Today is Grondhog Day. I put Trixie in the old badger hole to see if she made a shadow like a grondhog but she ran away.

February 5, 1981

Beth is a bad name for the baby. I cant get her to say even her own name.

She cant say Beth or Holly only BA BA MA MA.

She is stupid. Mom sez not to say that.

I like the lock on my Diary.

February 13, 1981

I am so tired. I am exosted. Mom made me rite Valentines to all kids in my class. I sed WHY and she sed COZ.

Uncle Jarvis rote some for me. He sez he is a good forjur.

I gave the toilet Valentine to Greg. It is the funniest.

February 14, 1981

Mom kept a secret from me.

Valentines Party at school. Candy! Best day! I got 27 Valentines. Evry kid got 27 Valentines. Miss K sez thats fare.

I opened my lunch kit. There was a Valentine from Boojums. Mom snuk it in. So I have 28. I am most poplar.

March 21, 1981

Miss K sez today is first day of spring.

But snow is evrywer.

Uncle Jarvis sez spring is just around the corner.

I sed what corner.

April 1, 1981

Mom asked me why I hid my note from teacher. I DID NOT I sed. YES YOU DID she sed.

Mom showed me what Miss K rote –  Holly needs to pull up her socks.

I was shokt.

Then Uncle Jarvis sed APRIL FOOL. I got mad. Then I laufed. How did he rite like Miss K.

On the bus I showed Greg the note.

April 17, 1981

Today is Good Fryday. We get Eester holidays from school. YAY! I can hardly wait for the Eester Buny. I know its Mom and Dad I am not stupid but Beth dosnt know. I will not ruin the suprize for her.

The Eeaster Buny will bring candy and choklet eggs on Sunday. Beth will shar with me I am sure.

That reminds me –  my Halloween candy is in a box in the barn. I will go out to look for it in daylite tomoro.

April 18, 1981

The Halloween candy looked TERRRIBL.

Dad found me cryin in the barn. He sed Holly the mise chewed your cardboard. They got in and tasted your candys. The mise like candy just like you kids do.

They did not eat evrything. I desided to cut ther bite marks out.

Uncle Jarvis saw me cutting candys on the bredbord and I told him what happened. He sed I think the Eester Buny came erly and dropt off fresh candy.

So I gave him the mise candy and he gave me a choklet egg.

Mom got mad becoz I did not eat supper.

May 28, 1981

Best day ever. Greg came here. His dad came over to haul grain with Dad and Uncle Jarvis.

We looked for kittens in the barn. Found 3!!!!! We taut Boojums a new trik – jump up. We dug roads for a town in the backyard. We picked dandylines.

May 30, 1981

Greg came back with his dad.

We could not find kittens in the barn again. Boojums forgot his new trik. The rain last nite wiped out the roads in our backyard town. The dinky cars are rusted. The dandylines are dead.

That is life on the farm.

I have an idea. Maybe the dandylines can make wine. Greg sed lets try. I found a bottel. It is green and we put water and dandylines in it.

After lunch Greg and I wached TV. Beth made us lauf. She trys to stand.

That reminds me. I still need to find out wer Beth came from.



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