Alexandra Sanders. My best friend of the whole universe. I never, ever, ever kept secrets from her.

Well… only once.

But it is so small! I bet she wouldn’t have even cared about this secret. Okay, ready to hear it?

Here goes nothing…

I have powers.

Yes, you heard me right. I have powers. And not those fake powers like the toy you buy in a store that lights in the dark. Like, real powers. The ones you can use in real life to protect yourself. And the only person who knows about it is my mother.

“Only for protection,” my mother warns. “Don’t use your powers for anything else.”

Oh, for heaven’s sake! Who would listen to that stupid saying? I would use it for anything I can possibly do. I would show off to the popular girls at school… and I would stop time in the classroom so I can finish my—

“I can read your mind, Sarah,” my mother says, sighing.

Fine! Homework! I would stop time in the classroom so I can finish my homework! Are you happy, Mom?

“Sure,” she replies sarcastically. Then she adds, “Your powers are limited. Understand that. I will leave the rest to you on your own. The choice is yours, fail, or win.”

Well, that was obvious. If I cheat on my math homework, then…

Win-win! I will get to my dream college, Harvard, and please my mother, and be the first to cure cancer, and win trillions!

“Don’t even think about it!” My mother exclaims. I didn’t even realize she was still in the room. I look down, sheepish.

She sighs again and takes one more good long look at me before she heads tiredly upstairs. Well, I didn’t care. All I know is that I have powers. And nothing else mattered to me anymore. Not even Alexandra. If I told her, she would give me this skeptical look and say, “This isn’t Frozen II, Sarah. Get a life.” Then she would change the subject and I would look out the window, embarrassed. But none of that would happen if I didn’t tell her, right? Right.

Now, you are thinking, what powers do you have? I can stop time and stop problems. My mother has more advanced. She can read minds, teleport, and stop time.

Now, before I head to school, there is one more thing. My father doesn’t know about any of this. He always says pretending to have magical powers is foolish, so he wouldn’t let me watch any Disney anymore, thinking it has witchcraft and no child sense in it. But Father, I am not a child. I am thirteen.

And, yeah. Yeesh. That is it. That is all that is happening in my life. Pretty boring, right?

Right Answer- NO!

And you’ll get the explanation soon. For now, just try finding the missing parts to my algebra life.

It’s just so sad my life doesn’t have an answer key. If it does…

Can I borrow it?

“Sarah. Sarah Down.”

“It’s actually pronounced Sarah Dawn. D-A-W-N.

“I didn’t ask you for any of that. Just sit down.”

You probably think the person who was talking to me was my history teacher or PE teacher or those sassy girls or whatever. No, that was my best friend talking. My Best Friend, in the history of the universe.

“Geez, Alexandra Becky,” I joked.

She heats up. “Don’t say my middle name. It sounds like a hideous dog.”

“Aw. Don’t say that. My name is more hideous than yours,” I joke.

She nods. “You should change it when you’re eighteen.”


“Well, let’s wait until the teacher comes,” I say, changing the subject.

She nods again. Then, she explodes. “You know Laura and Angela? They are the bestest friends ever! They let me use their hall passes when I had a makeup emergency!”

Wow. And I thought I was her best friend?

I snap, “Well, not to be an English geek, but bestest is not a word.”

She shrugs. “Everyone thought that "cat" wasn’t a word until it was official. Every word is made up before it is real.”

“Yeah, but this word isn’t going to turn official.”

We both glare, and I felt weird because it was just over one simple thing. Then, I realized, we weren’t mad at each other for the word thing anymore. It was for our past, everything, and that’s what our glares were meant for.

Luckily, the teacher came right that second. We stopped glaring. We turn to the front.

The teacher is talking. Excuse me, Mrs. Berkins? Can you stop looking at me? I don’t care what else you do, you can go ahead and adore the beautiful Alexandra, but just don’t look at me.

“Ms. Dawn!”

I jump. The sound was terrifying. Geez, please say there is a different Dawn student. Not me, not me, not me… I prayed.

“Sarah Dawn!” she repeats. I guess the prayer thing isn’t cut out for me.

Everyone looks expectantly at me. I blinked blankly.

“For number two!” she sighs, clearly bored.

Um, okay. Not that hard. Just solve everything… Come on, Sarah. You know you are really good at math. Come on… One more mental equation…

“Um, the answer is 7,445,” I answer, my cheeks warming.

Mrs. Berkins looked surprised. She checked her math notebook again, and her eyes get smaller in understanding.

She says, “Wow, Sarah, I asked for the equation, not the answer. But good work anyway!”

Good work anyway? I soon will be the world’s fastest problem solver of the whole entire history, and my seventh-grade teacher says three disappointing words? Good work anyway?

Alexandra giggles.

My cheeks warmed faster. I was so mad, angry, fierce, I could think of thousands more.

“That’s it!” I yelled. I stomped my foot on the ground as hard as I could, but it was not in pain.

No one looks at me. They don’t move.

Alexandra. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open, and she was resting more comfortable than ever. Yet, she was not moving.

“Hello?” I say awkwardly.

Then everyone starts moving again. A flash went through me in understanding. I stopped time, accidentally.

Cool, I thought excitedly. Hey, let’s see if it works on Mrs. Berkins.

I point at her. Nothing happens. I stand up, sure this time, and pointed, this time, more determined.

Nothing happens.

Mrs. Berkins catches a glance at me. “What do you think you are doing, Ms. Dawn?” She puts down her folder and crosses her arms.

“Casting a spell.” Those words shoot out of my mouth before I can stop them. My eyes get watery in shame, I didn’t mean any of that, I take it back, I take it back!

She raises an eyebrow. “And why?”

Again, before I can stop, I blurt, “Cause, I can do whatever I want.”

The class watches. Me, then Mrs. Berkins. It’s an intense match, that contains pure magic and mystery.

She shakes her head and points her bony finger at me. “Principal’s office,” she demands. “I will not have such student disrupt in my classroom.”

My face crumples. What? “But—”

“Now.” Her face was harsher than I have ever seen her. I take a quick glance at Alexandra. She grins at Angela in satisfaction. Not pity, satisfaction. Who is she, really? What happened to Alexandra in my other elementary world?

“Wow.” That was the first word Mom said when she grabbed my arm firmly and dragged me to the car. “Two-day suspension. I can’t believe it.”

I looked down. “I’m sorry—”

But before I could say anything, she interrupts me. “Two-day suspension just for bothering the classroom for two minutes? Unbelievable.”

What? I stare at her in amazement. She isn’t mad at me! She is mad at Mrs. Berkins, and the school secretary and whoever else works there. Yay! I am not punished.

“No, you still do have a punishment,” she says, reading my mind again. She chuckles. “Although a two-day suspension is not what I have expected, you still do not have the right to bother your teacher and classmates. What were you thinking? Just to point a finger at your teacher for no reason? And what did I say about no using magic at school?”

I protested, “Accident!” But she just shrugged and held up her hands.

She continued, “Your next level is lie detecting. But your magic will not unravel until you are ready. And I will tell you when you are ready.

“And here is a quick tip. Don’t let your magic guide you, you have to guide your own magic. Understand?”

I nod, though it will take time to sink her words in.

She looks at me solemnly. “I trust you, Sarah, to lead your magic. Otherwise, I would take it away.”

I gape at her. “You can do that?”

She laughs. “I can do anything,” she answers. But she adds quickly, “But magic doesn’t make me stronger. I do. I make myself stronger, okay? Magic doesn’t make much of a difference to me.”

I nod again.

She sighs. “Let’s go home. Think about everything that happened today. Do you want to improve?” She smiles mysteriously.

I stare at her. “What are you planning, Mom?”

She laughs. “What makes you say that?”

I wait for an answer.

She laughs again. “Okay, fine. Sarah, listen, sweetie, this is a one-time thing. I repeat, this is a one-time thing. Don’t ever beg for this ever again, understood?”

I nod slowly.

“How about we start this day over? I know you are sorry about everything, and that you learned your lesson. Do-over?”

I stare in astonishment. “D-do-over? You mean, like a re-take?”

She nods excitedly.

I smile, still really surprised. Are Moms this weird?

She continues. “Yep. I have magical powers to do that. Only the people who know that we will re-take that day is the only people who can feel it happening again. So, that means only us two. You want?” She gestures to her hands, which is glowing. The magic is about to happen!

I breathe in slowly. “I guess so…”

“Think about Alexandra, and Laura and Angela, how do you think your relationship with her is going to end?” Mom yells, the wind blowing. It was funny, how in the house, the wind was blowing at the door and windows are closed.

“You know about it?” I shout back.

She nods, squinting. “I feel like you know what to do. Give it a try, okay?” she yells.

I scream yes. Then I smile, relieved. Who knew having a magical mother would have cool tricks up her sleeve?

The magic was about to work. I could feel the flash…

“See you tomorrow, Sarah!” Mom says. “Or, let’s say, see you today! Again!”

I nodded, while my eyes are closed. And waited for the new day.

Will everything be the same? Or will everything change?

One way to find out.

Also, one more thing. Do you have an answer key to my life?

No? Just asking.

Okay… See you all tomorrow!

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Elaine Singer
02:26 Mar 11, 2020

Lovely! The mom is very kind and funny to the story, and especially the main character, Sarah, has a different personality. I was rooting for her when she was facing problems, especially with Alexandra. Thanks for the story!


You are very welcome!


Emily Nghiem
01:01 Jul 13, 2020

^ Here's another one, 0 instead of 2.


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Hafea Tahir
13:17 Aug 01, 2020

No way! I wish this didn't have to end! This is so nice, you should turn it into a novel!


Haha, thank you! That's a nice idea :)


Hafea Tahir
10:09 Aug 02, 2020



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Sia Sharma
14:44 Jul 30, 2020

Wow! Love the mom's character in the story !


Sigh, I know. Me too! 😂


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Samantha Davis
04:54 Jul 01, 2020

Great story!!! Would you mind checking out my latest story? If so that would be great.


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Luke West
14:56 May 12, 2020

Amazing. You could be a new world famous fiction writer. Reading this was like reading a J.K.Rowling book. If there was more to this story, I would definitely read it.


Thank you! 😄


Luke West
17:43 May 12, 2020



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Ola Hotchpotch
05:09 Mar 19, 2020

Beautiful story. would like to read more


:D Thank you for reading!


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