Devils Daughter

Submitted by Hailey Gonzales to Contest #3 in response to: Write a story about a teenager visiting the place where they grew up.... view prompt

Ok, I know what you are thinking. Why the question mark? Well, you see my story is pretty complicated. My name is Abby, but it used to be Kaylee. I'm 18 years old and I lived in New York. I just called it the big city for 1 reason. I grew up in a very small town called Nourlind. I was born and raised their. However, when I was 13, we moved. To be honest with you, I'm not sure why. I had to change my name my hair color, practically my whole identity. my parents refused to say anything about why. I had just got accepted to a University here, so I finally got to come back. Then, I realized why we left...

I moved back into my old home. It was dusty, and appeared to have been empty ever since we left. I walked around the house looking for anything we had left behind. The floors creaked every step I took, a mouse scurried across the floor as I jumped into the air, because it was so frightening. Now, i'm a bigger girl, but I didn't think I would break the floor. When I did, I fell into a room that looked like it was used for sacrifices. Bloody crosses, robes, etc. all over the room. The thing that frightened me the most though, was that the blood looked fresh...

I began to walk around, looking for a person, maybe an old friend pulling a prank. However, what I saw next was not a friend, It was an old man, covered in blood. I asked if he was ok, but instead of an answer... He began to laugh maniacally as he grabbed me and pulled me into a prison like cell. He kept laughing as he left the cell and I heard a frighteningly deep voice as it said

"I've been expecting you...Abby, or shall I say Kaylee".

My face turned white as a tall figure appearing to be middle aged entered the cell. He said

"Kaylee, your parents did a bad thing" he said with a grin. "All they wanted was a baby, so they sold their souls to me" "I gave them what they wanted, but they refused to pay the price" He began to speak in an angry tone. "They owed me their souls, but I gave them until the baby's 14th birthday to pay their debt to me" "After that the child would belong to me... but they left, changed their names and took the baby with them" " Kaylee, you are that baby... I am your real father". I stared at him in shock, not knowing what to say. I only had one question for him.

"Who are you"? I asked him, in a shaky voice.

He answered "Who am I"? "I am... the devil". "And you will pay for your parents debt by becoming my slave... for eternity"!

If you are reading this, please save me... from him. I have to go, he's coming back! Remember my story, for it shall never be told again...

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