Well, she lost hold of my leash, so I’m finally free. My master was taking me for a walk and I saw a hot young bitch without a collar or leash, so I chased after her. The young dame tried to run away and my master called after me, but thank God I was never neutered so we can still have pups. My master kept running, if you could even call it running, but I have strong legs and was long gone trying to catch this young bitch. And I did. I cornered her, mounted her, and was finally able to release myself into a young bitch, because that’s what my instincts told me to do.  

I look back and my former master is no where to be found and this hot bitch is still by me and panting. My intuition tells me that we’re going to have pups. I can feel it in my bones. Little boy dogs and little girl dogs which look like the bitch and like me. The bitch whimpers in pain. Us dogs don’t cry when we’re in pain, we just whimper/moan. So, being responsible, I stick by the young bitch.

Then, time passes and my stomach starts growling, not me, my stomach. I thought. Usually when I was hungry I’d go to my master and she’d (my master)’d give me Royal Canine Jack Russel Tarrier dog food. But now, I’ve escaped. I smell the garbage cans and there’s some good scraps like chicken bones, burrito scraps, pieces of hamburger. They all smell funky, but I eat some and I bring some back to the bitch, her name is Junea.  

Junea seems scared. She thinks she’s pregnant too, but has never had a master. She escaped as a puppy, she thinks. So, she’s barely had enough food for herself and now she’s worried about how she’s going to feed these pups, which are only three months from arriving. I keep collecting things for us to eat from garbage cans. Tuna fish at the bottom of the can, milk someone didn’t finish, etc. But I have to remember that now I have a wife/girlfriend who’s pregnant so there’s no going back to my master. My master wouldn’t understand and’d probably try to sell our pups.  

Then, fall comes and so do our puppies. We have five girls and three boys and I’m happy as is Junea. I know I’ll eventually need to teach the pups how to get their own food from the dumpsters, how to defend themselves against the raccoons who are going after the same trash we are, how to run to escape from a leash, maybe.

So, it’s been three weeks of Junea nursing our pups and Junea starts to wean them. And I, along with Junea, start to show our pups how to scrounge for food. But, while doing this, two white men in white suits with large nets come and put me in this fucking net. Then, they capture Junea and our eight puppies and they take us to a shit place with a lot of other dogs and cats. They put me in a cage away from Junea and our pups.

After two days, I see her, and I don’t mean Junea. My former master is here and seems happy. She hands the person behind the counter some money, my cage opens, and I’m being carried “home” by my master. I look back to see if Junea and the rest of my family is coming with me, but I don’t see them. I try to escape my master’s arms, but can’t. So, I whine and moan, but my master just gives me a treat. I don’t eat it. As I look back at the cages, I wonder if I’ll ever see my wife and kids again. I whine and moan louder but no one understands. No one understands. I take the treat from my “master’s” hand and drop it on the floor. She’ll doesn’t understand. She’ll never understand.  

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