That’s what my girlfriend wanted: another perro, but what she really wanted was Homm back, or another perro (dog) like Homm, with the same personality and heart as Homm, which is impossible. Remember the old adage: no two snowflakes are alike. So, try to find a small perro between the sizes of a chihuahua and a Jack-Russel Terrier, who would lick her, play with her, be kind, loving, and affectionate, but if someone tries to attack her will bark, bite, and destroy the other person. Or at least, keep my girlfriend protected.

It’s 2021 and there are no more pet stores. There are pounds, the humane society, and non-kill shelters. So, since I know it’ll make Kristina feel good to save a life, I start out at the pound. Sorry, we (my girlfriend and I) start out at the city pound.  

We start out with a female tea-cup chihuahua. She literally fits into the palm of Kristina’s hand. The perro shivers either because she’s cold or scared, we’re not sure which. Kristina tries petting the little perro with her pinky, but the little perro seems scared and runs towards a different part of her palm.

So, we next try a boy Jack Russell Terrior. At first this dog seems great. He’s jumping on us, licking us, playing with us, but then she starts to dig into the carpet at the pound and we realize he’d do this in our home too. He’s cute, but we decide to pass.

When we had our previous dog, Homm, he would wag his talk when we got home and we’d pick him up and hug him and he’d love the attention. Then, when a stranger came, Homm would bark and growl to let us know someone was there. Homm could also sense when either of us (my girlfriend or I) were upset and would curl up in our laps, lick us, and let us pet him. None of these dogs seem to be doing any of these things though.

Then, we found him. He already had a name: Pegasus.  Pegasus seems to be the perfect match. When we come in, Pegasus rolls on his back and exposes his stomach which lets us know he trusts us. Kristeena and I both pet his tummy which he enjoys. He then curls in Kristeena’s lap and we hear a soft snore. Kristeena smiles and so do I.

“Yes, Pegasus is what I want for Christmas, Babe. Cute little Pegasus. That’s what I want,” and even though Kristeena is an adult, I see her with the smile of a little girl.  

I know Pegasus will never be the dog that Homm was, but maybe that’s ok and Kristeena will be happy with Pegasus. I sure hope so because none of the dogs here are returnable and Pegasus has a $1200 price tag. And it isn’t just the price, but Kristeena’s heart that worries me. I need Pegasus and Kristeena to keep being a good match, because the last thing I want for Christmas are three broken hearts.

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