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 The dining table is brown in colour. It is made of solid wood. There are five solid chairs.

                  The table is full of dishes like roast turkey, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie and bottle of red wine.

                            The clock strikes up to six times at 6.00 p.m. The family members started to gather on the table. Grandma yelled “Where is krish?”

      Mia replied “Grandmother, don’t shout he is on his way, he will be here soon”,

              Emma told mia to call him. Mia replied “Mom I called him a few minutes ago” he is on his way just relax and sit.

             Grandmother said “Mia you know about our life and you are not a little girl anymore, you are his sister you need to make him to understand about our life”   

            Mia replied “hahaha very funny we are all in this mess because of your son so let us worry about this problem. I want my brother to be happy.

                 In between their quarrelling the time is reached to 6.30 p.m. krish didn’t show up to the dinner. They were waiting for him.

          Grandmother again started to scold him. Mia defended him and she said “It’s been six years, I am sure everyone was forgot about that fight between mom and that sadist, I think it’s time for us to forget about that and move on our life” 

      Emma said “Mia when I married your father, he is not a sadist he is sweet and he cares about me. Then after the birth of you and krish he is started to act like a little sadist because he is not able to handle the burden of our family “

           Grandmother said “My son is an innocent, time changed him”

Mia said “stop it grandma I remember that day he is started to act like a monster and try to kill me and krish we were survived because of the mom”

Grandmother said “you were right, Emma took the knife and stab him he felled unconscious."                                                               

      Emma said “ Yes mia like you said I do remember that day like yesterday after he fell we called 911 and then leaved that house. We came here and started a new life but I can’t forget those days”                                                

    The time is 6.30 p.m. .They hear a doorbell mia get up and started to talking before she opened It “Why are you so late krish?” and she opened but she is shocked .

                         Hello baby girl, how are you? Did you miss daddy?    James said. Mia was in a shock and he came into the house everyone was looking each other. He looked his mother and said “I missed you mom” and then he looked his wife and said “Hey babe did you miss me” I miss you so much.

        Emma yelled “why are you in my house? stay away from us we don’t want you in our life we were good without you. He grabbed Emma’s neck and whisper in his ears “Don’t worry you are going to be too fine in paradise”

                He takes a knife outside from his pocket and told “Do you remember this  knife Emma? I saved this knife for you. He moved towards Emma. Emma started to move back, grandmother tried to stop him but she failed suddenly Mia grabbed an iron rod and hit his head and he fell on the floor.

            Mia looked her mom and told “The war is now over”

 Everyone takes a deep breath. The time is 7.00 p.m. They hear another doorbell. but the door was open this time and krish came inside and see the dead body and breathe deeply

              Krish said “Looks like I missed all the fun”    

               Mia looked Emma and asked “What’s next”

                Emma replied “Lets finish our thanksgiving dinner and start a new life”

       Grandmother said “yes, a new life with no worries about the past”

                      They looked each other and then looked the dead body

                                        Mia said “What a fantastic thanksgiving”






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