What's in the Menu?

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As soon as the clock hit 8 in the evening, the family dinner will officially begin. Everyone inside a magnificent, old-Australian country style mansion is busy preparing for the celebration.

Mrs. Conman is in the kitchen, alluring aromatic scent of both musty and fresh fragrant flows along the open air, making one salivate. It’s no doubt whatever she was cooking must have been delicious beyond expectation. Mr. Conman with the rest of the family members were putting on their best suits, excitements unconcealed on their pale faces.

What's the big occasion?

Henry Conman, the youngest brat in the family successfully got into middle school and made some cute little friends. He’s quite the close-off type of kid; the night is really worth celebrating.


“Why do I feel like you’re especially beautiful today?”

Out of the blue, along with the setting sun from the horizon, as the warmth of both red and gold light illuminated the side profile of the girl in front of him, Lucas asked.

Eerah smiled charmingly at him, protruding a pair of pouted lips, “I am always beautiful! Not just today!” she playfully protested. Got up and leaned closer to the man sitting in the long couch in his study. “Look!” she demanded, pointing at her face.

Lucas laughed lightly, pulled the pouting girl in front of him and skillfully consoled her with a deep and passionate kiss. Only did he let go when both of them was panting for breath, “Yes, and still as delicious…”

His teasing made Eerah hot all over, her face immediately turned tomato red one could drop blood from redness. Lucas has been her boyfriend for a month already. He was caring, gentleman, sweet and understanding, coupled with the fact that he was devilishly handsome, she can’t be any more satisfied.

Intending to make the atmosphere more suggestive, she deliberately roams her hands over his body ambiguously. Unfortunately, Lucas was a hell of a kill joy and cheekily depraved her lust as he stood and grabbed his keys. Eerah irritatingly glare at him, dissatisfaction clear in her tone, ”Where are you going?”

“I need to check something. Put on your best dress tonight, I’ll pick you up at 7.” Lucas said, his lips curved into a bewitching smile as he looked at her full of doting.

With her mood successfully placated by the indirect ‘I’ll take you on a date’ invitation of Lucas, Eerah happily compromise and waited, anxiously picking the best dress on her wardrobe as soon as Lucas left.


Everything was set. Over the long luxurious dining table, eight plates with complete set of table wares, cutlery, utensils and wine glasses were elegantly arranged. A different set of delicacies was placed at the center, looking all inviting and savory. Red liquid poured at each glass, enticing everyone to quench their thirst.

In just an hour and a half, a happy festive dinner party will happen. Just an hour and half….

“Mom, you put an extra plate again…” Chloe – this young and beautiful bratenella – start, noticing the spare plate adjacent to hers.

“I..” Mrs. Conman put down a plate of neatly cut meat on the table before looking for a plausible answer.

“He’s not coming back. He’ll never will…” Chloe cut her off with a straight face and cold voice. Since that prodigal brother of her left the house, he never came back, not a silhouette. And that was entirely just because of a petty fight with her Mom; a fight because of a woman her brother took home but refused to let his family ‘take good care’ of her.


“Mom…” Lucas’ voice resounded inside his car, his elbow bent on the car’s window and hand propped out to support his chin while the other holding a wallet-size worn out photo.

In the photo was a portrait of a beautifully shot picture of a family. There includes him. It was a nice family photo with the edges had an obvious tear and wear, indicating that the photo was usually taken out. But a peculiar blot of blood stain was etched at the back of the photo.

A fiendish grin spread across Lucas’ lips as he tucked the photo back into his suit pocket, pressing onto the accelerator and drove downtown to fetch Eerah.

“You’re late.”

Eerah childishly glowered at him, waiting for a make-up kiss to soothe her mood. Like expected, Lucas, the indulgent boyfriend, tactfully embrace her and pecked a kiss on her red-tinted lips. And greeted,“You look wonderful, baby.”

Eerah shyly giggled, “Thank you.”

“I like your perfume; it makes me want to take a bite…” Lucas’ voice was faint, like a whisper in the breeze, but it was enough to make Eerah’s heart throb. Yes, she really likes that side of him. Wolfish yet sexy.

“L-let’s go...”

Lucas hummed in agreement, took Eerah in the car and drove. He was going home now, with this girl of his taste. He left because of a misunderstanding about a woman before, he was now returning to make up with that misunderstanding.

With this thought, the corner of his lips rose slightly. He silently stole glances to the girl in the passenger seat. She was beautiful no doubt, white and fresh, young and sweet. He was sure his Mom will like her very much. 


8 pm, sharp. The huge pendulum clock in the living room rang. The family happily took their seat and stared at the served ‘dishes’ like a hungry wolf looking at its prey.

“What’s in the menu?”

Mr. Conman asked, his sharp eyes graze over the food before locking at Mrs. Conman. This family, although the age gap was very distant, their looks state the opposite. They look young; adorned with smooth, pale-white and supple layer of skin, bright eyes, healthy body and beautiful figures. Mrs. Conman for example, she looks no different with her eldest daughter, young and beautiful, though she was already in her 50’s.

Odd? It is.

“They are Henry’s Favorites.”

Mrs. Conman opened, gently looking at her youngest in a fond way. She passed over a piece of raw meat steak, “Have a taste, it’s your little friend.” And smiled amicably.

Henry’s eyes shone brightly and hurriedly tasted the meat, pleasure and delighted expression spread across his little face. Very cute.

The rest started eating too. When suddenly, the bell rang, followed by the old house keeper was an unexpected visitor. Lucas with his girlfriend stood behind, smiled meekly at the housekeeper before turning at his long seen family.

“Lucas…!” Mrs. Conman cried.

Lucas smiled, brought Eerah beside him. “Baby, meet my family. Greet them.”

Eerah who was excited a moment ago, now stared wide-eyed at this perverted family. When she saw the things served over the dining table, she almost vomited on the spot. She froze, face turned paper-white as fear overcomes her little heart.

Stewed heart, liver sliced with green veggie salad, raw meat steak with some fresh blood still dripping on it, steamed intestine sausages, and a disgusting, soup made of brain pigments with eyeballs floating on it. These stomach turner ‘dishes’ were all magnificently served.

Eerah was so scared to death her soul flew out her body for a moment, but as soon as it came back, she was struck ruthlessly from behind by a sharp, beautifully carved hand of his lover, Lucas. It stabbed her thoroughly that once he pulled his hands out, her beating heart was wrapped in those wicked palm.

Blood gushed out of her body spraying some over Lucas’ neat suit but he seemed not to care.

“Mom. I brought dinner. Let’s eat.”



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