Thanksgiving at Susie's house.

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Susie always loved Thanksgiving and Christmas, her house was always warm and welcoming to others. Every year Susie hosted a lovely thanksgiving dinner party in her home but last years dinner was not the best. Her and her husband John got married 5 years ago. They had no children, no pets. Last year Susie and John split up and got a divorce after John got arrested for something he didn't do. Susie knew it was partly his fault and got angry at him but deep down she really missed him. They officially split up at the thanksgiving table, where everyone was watching and witnessed it. It was quite embarrassing for Susie, that is why she wants to make it up to her family this year.

It is now the 24th of November, Susie and her friend are at the market buying food for her dinner tomorrow and decorations for her house. Just as Susie payed for her shopping she felt like someone was looking at her so she rapidly turned her head to check. The mysterious figure that was looking at her turned around and started walking towards their car. Susie was going to follow them but didn't see much of a point.

It was a few hours later. Susie was home alone, sat on her sofa drinking some coffee. Suddenly, she got a call from an unknown number, she ended the call thinking it was a cold caller. Then, the unknown number called again, Susie answered the phone and heard mumbling. "Hello?", she said.

No one said anything so she ended it and went upstairs to bed.

Lying in bed gave Susie some time to think. Who was that strange person in the market today and why were staring at me? Thinking to much made Susie tired and she drifted off to sleep.

Today was Thanksgiving, Susie was fully prepared for it. The turkey was in the oven and she already started making desserts. She got in her red and gold dress and headed downstairs only to see the mysterious figure holding a camera outside her window. The figure ran away as fast as it could so Susie could not see its face. She was a little freaked out but nothing could stop her from hosting this party. She was really nervous, it was the first party she has hosted since her and John split up. Susie never told anyone why John was arrested, it was the worst thing anyone could have done.

Last year, at the start of November John and his friend, Sam, got fired from work for getting drunk on the job. Their boss offered to call a taxi but they both refused and drove home. Sam was driving along a quiet road in the evening with John in the passenger seat, it was dark outside and too dangerous for him to be driving. A cyclist came along on their bike next to Sams car. The cyclist put their hand out to indicate they were cutting across but Sam didn't care, his drunk mind had taken over and he ran over the cyclist. Once he had realised what he had done, Sam reversed the car and they both got out and ran over to the man on the floor. The man was dead. He did not have a pulse. His head had been smashed and his legs and arms were definitely broken. Both, Sam and John were shocked to see what they have done. Without thinking John grabbed his legs and Sam grabbed his arms and they both took the dead man and threw him in the river.

That is why Susie and John got a divorce.

Anyway, Susie's guests were about to arrive, she had a bottle of white wine and some glasses to welcome her guests into her home. Soon later, all of her guests had arrived and were all sat around the dining table muttering to each other and ready to eat. All of a sudden a man stormed in through the front door, the whole house went quiet.

"Who are you?", asked Susie.

"John.", said the man.

"It has been a year John, i don't want you in the house after what happened last thanksgiving. We are over!".

Just then the TV turned on. On the news it said there is a killer a his friend on the loose. They explained that the killer was Sam Bruckner and his friend was John Smith.

John escaped from prison to tell Susie that what happened last year was not his fault but Sam followed him. Susie didn't care and demanded for John to leave before she calls the police. John refused to leave so Susie picked up her phone and started dialling 911. Sam came up from behind John and quickly snatched her phone and broke it into two. Susie started screaming and her guests started dialling 911 instead. Sam grabbed Susie and held a knife up to her throat, he said, "If anyone moves or calls the police i will slit her throat!"

John shouted at Sam and threw him against the wall. Susie was free and ran to her family crying. While John and Sam were fighting Susie's Nan called the police and they came in minutes. Sam and John were taken to court and the Sam was found fully guilty of was happened to the man on the bike. John got drunk that night but passed out in the passenger seat, he woke up after Sam threw the dead man in the river. Sam said that John has to say he was part of it otherwise Sam would kill his wife. Susie believed everything Sam told her about that night and instantly want to break up with John.

After the police found out John was innocent, he got to go back home to Susie. Susie was told by the police what happened and a few weeks after Sam being arrested and John sent home, Susie and John got married again. Sam was sentenced life in prison.

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great story, please follow me and like my story if you like it


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Good story just a little confusing.


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Please write more!


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This is such a good story. Would love to hear more of them!


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