Wish your Life Away

Submitted by Savannah Dycus to Contest #16 in response to: Write a story around the theme: Be careful what you wish for.... view prompt

The dim light covered the tables of the coffee shop as the breeze carries the sweet smell of coffee beans throughout the shop. I sat there enjoying my coffee, and writing my essay for English class. A man started walking towards me, a tall, dark figure got closer and closer to me. He finally got to me, and started talking. He read my mind, I didn’t have to open my mouth to communicate. 

    “Hello Melanie.” The tall figure said.

    “How did you know my name?” I replied, confused.

    “I know everything about you…” He smiled. Just then, A man walked past me, knocking over my coffee. 

    “How rude!” I thought to myself. “Excuse me sir, you knocked my coffee all over me!” I said, showing my coffee stained shirt.

    “Well maybe don’t be in my way next time.” The man said, while shrugging. 

    “I wish he could feel how I feel right now, wet with coffee and frustrated.” I muttered to myself.

    “Sure thing!” The tall figure said, out of nowhere. The man walked away from me, and as he walked away he tripped over the waiter, spilling coffee all over himself. He got kicked out, and he sure felt frustrated. The tall figures eyes gleamed with mischievousness, and he started laughing. But the rest of the coffee shop was silent, unnoticing the figure laughing.

“Am I the only one that can see him?” I thought to myself. 

    “Yeah, because I am your genie.” The figure said, reading my mind.

    That night, I thought about the boy I liked. He was so hot, with his ocean eyes, and charcoal hair. He was also a jock, and he was a track runner just like me. But there was a problem, he was popular, and I, I was far from popular. So I wished for him to like me, and know the way I felt towards him. I hoped for him to talk to me at school the next day.

    The next day, I was riding the bus to school. I thought about how amazing this ‘wishing gift’ was. I dozed out, and I couldn’t hear the yelling of other kids anymore. “Think about all of the things I can wish for!” I thought. 

“Be careful what you wish for!” The voice in my head said, but I ignored. 

“Hey Melanie! Hey! Hey!” An annoying red-headed boy said. 

“What do you want now?” I said, annoyed.

“Why don’t you have any friends?” The boy said, while pushing me out of my seat and into the aisle of the bus. Everyone stared at me, it felt like everyone on Earth was watching my every move. 

“I wish that George would trip when he left the bus.” I said to myself, hoping my genie would listen. The Genie’s eyes smiled, and I knew what would happen next. 

I got back in my seat and sat there quietly for the rest of the bus ride. When the ride came to an end, I waited for George to start walking down those stairs. Sure enough, George tripped out the bus, and everyone laughed at him. I looked back at my Genie and like always, he smiled. 

The time came for me to walk out of the bus, when I did I felt like wearing something nice to school today. So I looked at my Genie, our thoughts connected, I didn’t have to talk aloud for him to understand me.

“I wish that I was wearing something nice to school today, like a pink, slick dress.” I said.

“Your wish is my command.” The Genie replied. Right there, outside the school, my outfit changed. Pink and purple swirls whirled around me, each changing the clothing I wore. When it was done I was wearing a baby pink slim dress, with a short jean jacket, and pink heels. My hair was curled in brown locks, and my face clearer than a sunny day. I was very surprised, but also excited to see the ‘popular’ girls faces when they see me at school.

When I arrived at the small brick building, I felt better than I had ever felt before. But when I walked inside, everyone stared at me, and it wasn’t a good stare. In a way I felt embarrassed, I was being looked at in all the wrong ways. One of the popular girls walked up to me, she looked like she was going to laugh at me. “You thought that you could have my boyfriend? Hunny you thought wrong, he will never like you back.” The blondie said, while handing me a ripped piece of paper with writing on it. The paper said, “Dear Chance, I really like you, and I have liked you since last year. I hope that you feel the same way, and I can’t wait to talk to you again. -From Melanie Jones, your soon-to be Girlfriend.” I just stared at the pale paper, shocked at what I just read.

“I didn’t write this!” I said, as the whole school stared at me.

“Well who did then? It couldn’t have just written itself.” She replied. I looked at my genie and he stared back at me, emptiness filled his eyes. 

“I wish I could just curl up and die here.” I said to myself, embarrassed to death. I looked back up at my Genie, and he laughed. He heard it all, he heard my last wish. Right then and there, I curled up on the floor and died. Just as I wished.

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04:19 Nov 29, 2019

Entertaining. Keep on writing to continue to enhance your writing abilities.


06:26 Dec 02, 2019

Thank you, I will!


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