Understand, Please

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this story is based on the series called Wings of Fire

My talons clanked upon the ground. A dragon of night, such as I, blended in with the dark area around me. I was 10 years old, a young adult in dragon years, but that meant nothing to my size. I was about the size of a four through seven old dragonet, depending on who you asked, and it... It really sucks.

I've always been told that I'm a girl and so I can't fight. I believed it to be true: until one night I met a dragon named Jackal, who usually dwelled within the desert but had traveled to our forest. He showed me I could win against other dragons: that I was not weak.

My parents did not believe me, though. I was still just a weak and small female. I was nothing compared to my brother or father, and my mother did not care that we were treated unequally: she thought it was the truth and defended it.

So, I stimulated a plan. I would kill the other dragons of the night, other than my love and family, to prove that I was strong. I planned and planned and planned: and my results should not fail. If they do, I would be surprised, and I'd be rather angry as well.

I paced the cave. Years of planning have come down to this: but I still must wait. Soon, though. Soon I will prove my strength.

My wings spread and unspread. I remember my mother's words to me, "Starsky, my dear, you must understand that we females have no place in wars. Only Queens have that much power, only royalty that strength. You will never be a warrior or a fighter, so just give up" Those words were the things that crushed my dreams and made me feel weak: until the day I met the dragon of sand.

Jackal had pitied me and allowed me to fight him. He had arena experience, and I still beat him. He was a killer by blood, and I still won. That was all I needed.

Now, a year and three-fourths after that day, I stand ready to attack my fellows. They had tricked the other tribes, and they had hurt many dragons. It was only fair for them to pay for their sins.

I spread out my wings and jumped from the cave: the wind catching them and carrying me across the skies...And the deaths of most of the Night dragons.

I landed at the hatchery and killed the guards swiftly. Easy. I walked into the small area and killed the clutches of eggs. Simple. I continued on my way, stopping at camp areas and spilling blood while I went.

I was a villain, I suppose. I villain in the name of justice. I continued to do so and I reached my family's cot- and I hesitated. I killed most of the dragons, I had... about 1/4 (25%) left if I wanted to kill them all off.

But I still stopped.

I wanted to kill them, yes. That's not the reason I was stopping. The reason was... Someone must have been left behind that I missed. A child in the shadows, an adult able to call out one more time and describe me... Well, that's about all I could come up with when I heard the beats of wings like tribal drumbeats.

Flap, Fwap, Boom, Flap, Fwap, Boom

I had to get out of here, they'd never understand. They are a mixture of rain and night dragons: I could never persuade them I was doing it right. I darted out to the dark part of the forest and ran; ran as far as I could until the wingbeats were incoherent.

I calmed myself down... and I laid in wait to hunt for the first time ever... And possibly do it right.

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03:29 Dec 20, 2019

Im speachless


18:02 Dec 20, 2019

I'll take that a compliment


23:16 Dec 20, 2019

Yes, its compliment


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Nice work! Loved the end as much as the beginning. Great!


00:11 Nov 29, 2019

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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