Trail 0072x

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The brisk ocean wind blew my curly blonde hair back glistening my face with the cold Alaskan sea spray. Soft waves slapped against the side of the yacht rocking the ship back and forth. I took a deep breath inhaling the salty ocean air only to release it back into the air with all of the memories that have been playing in my head on repeat. ​Was I actually going to follow through with this?​ I asked myself. I knew it was detrimental, but I also knew it was the right thing to.

My hands fiddled with the sealed orange envelope, the envelope that has haunted me for weeks. ​Was it worth it; everything I’ve done to get this silly envelope, all to just, in the end, turn myself...​ The sound of echoing footsteps interrupted my thoughts.

I glanced over my shoulder out of the corner of my eye, took a deep breath then closed my eyes for a brief moment and embraced the second of silence I had to myself. I couldn’t think. My mind was sent into a whirlwind of nerves. My eyes flashed back open looking out over the Skagway peir. The mountains seemed to be caving if only to see a tidbit of the historical moment that was about to go down. I stood myself up straight and tall, my shoulders square, my feet hip-length apart. I knew that this is what I was meant to do, even if it went against every code and every standard that was ever laid on me; it was the right thing to do.

The footsteps were only a few feet behind me. I looked up to the clear blue sky and followed the horizon to the fog now resting in the distance. All to soon, the footsteps came to a halt and I felt a hand lay on my shoulder. “Cameo,” he said in his smooth tenor voice, the coo that sent me into a trance every time.

“Do you have the file?” he asked me ever so sweetly.

 “Yes, I do, it’s just... why do we have to go against what we both agreed was right all those years ago Orlando? I know times have changed but that doesn’t mean we need to-”

“I told you, we don’t have a choice, this is what we have to do. We picked our side and now we need to stick to it.” He responded gently, but I knew he was dead serious.

“Yes Orlando, I understand the circumstance at stake, but the last time we chose our side we didn’t have to stick to it. And now I am just some pon that goes between both sides with one end of the bargain utterly oblivious.” I spat back as I looked away from him. He took his arm off my shoulder and reached for my hands. Before he got a hold of them I took a few steps back and hit the ice-covered railing behind me.

“Listen Orlando, I know that you were double-crossed by The Other Side, but, sending an armada after them isn’t right either! I know that their motives are twisted and wrong, and I am not defending them by any means; I have wanted to ruin them since they betrayed their word, to the organization and to me and my family all those years ago. But now that I have the opportunity to bring corruption and defeat to them, it doesn’t feel right. It's as if were stooping down to their level, it's sickening. There has to be another way Orlando, there has to be!”

He looked down at his freshly polished black dress shoes and pursed his lips. After a moment he looked back up at me and hesitated before he responded, “There is no other way, and deep down I think you know that. The other side has ruined our lives, our family’s lives, our friend’s lives, need I go on? I think you are being impulsive here Cameo, we worked this out. If we play our cards right we’ll put a stop to all of this nonsense.” ​If only he knew that it wasn’t the other side that has ruined him.​ I thought to myself.

“Yes Orlando, I understand the plan, it’s just - these files hold information that I am not sure you are able to handle.”

“Why would you say that?” He asked me with a ray of doubt echoing in his voice. Tears began to pool in the corners of my eyes. I sniffled trying to hold back them back. My eyes caught a glimpse of the sun setting over the still hazy horizon as I looked away avoiding eye contact with him, for I knew if I were to look into his eyes I wouldn’t be able to recover. I would become engulfed in his deep blue eyes, I would drownd, I would suffocate. I would become lost in the fear that lurks there, the burning passion that is so evident, the mourning that has drained his tears and the longing for something better to come along and save him from his misery, even if just for a moment.

“Cameo,” he coaxed as he reached over and lifted my chin until my eyes met his, “why would you say that I am not ready to handle what is in that file?”

I wiped the tears from my eyes and whimpered “You have been looking for a way to expose and put an end to The Other Side for months now. All of this uproar stated for a fair reason; they were the ones who were charged for killing the President... killing your father. The documents I am holding in my hands have all of the information compiled together that The Other Side is aware of from that trial, Trial 0072x. Orlando, I am leaving it up to you if you chose to take a glance or not at these files, but consider yourself warned.” I managed to get out before I broke out into tears again.

“Hey, this is nothing you need to be crying about,” he said in an attempt to comfort me. “I am the only one that has any real reason to cry.” I knew he meant well, but that didn’t fill the heart-wrenching ache that continued to grow in the pit of my stomach. He had no idea that the death of his father wasn’t a planned mission on behalf of The Other Side; it was my mission and it always has been

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16:49 Nov 14, 2019

This had such a good twist in the end! I found myself wishing there was more. I'd be careful about tenses though, those things are really easy to mix up, and some times you used wrong or redundant words. But this had some good description and makes for nice reading! :D


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