High Priority

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“Get this to Frank or you will be finished working here,” a stern looking boss told James.

James never cared for his boss for he constantly liked to yell at his employees.  James wondered if this guy was ever happy, never seeing a smile on his face He pondered if his boss would be alive in five years, but knew more than likely his boss will be around for decades.

“Too stubborn to die,” he thought.

If James didn’t need this job so bad he would have moved on.  To be kicked out of the house by his mother just because she remarried and her new husband despised him.  The only good thing about her husband is that he got him this good paying job which in turn able to get into a high priced apartment.

James now stood on the deck of a yacht, heading to a remote island to give a letter to the owner of the company, Frank.  On an island with no communication in or out except by what he was doing now.

“Frank likes to get away at least once a year from everything created by humanity,” his co-worker, Lisa told him.  “I wish I could do the same.”

“We all do,” responded James.

James was excited when he was picked to go on this trip.  George was the usual lucky employee to head out to give any info to the big man.  Unfortunately, this time around George got into a bike accident, and currently resided at the hospital.

“I need you to go James,” his boss demanded of him.  “No excuses or you have plans. I need you to get this done.”

James currently had no life for the most part so he was fine on going.  In fact, he agreed to go once he was told to do it, but his boss still bickered at him.

“Now I can get away from him,” James thought.

He was enjoying the trip, a beautiful day out with blue skies, and quite warm.  Back home a storm was about to come through to drench the area, but looking above not a cloud in the sky.

“Even the smell and taste of the sea wipes away the stresses of life,” remarked James as he looked out at the water.

How much sea life is underneath him as they move along?  Sea life he has never seen, but on TV or in magazines.

James heard about the island.  It wasn’t that large of an island, the length about a mile long, and the width around half a mile.  Frank owned the west part of the island while his buddy, Nick owned the east part of the island.

James heard they would release a wild animal in the middle of the island then the two of them would seek it out with paint guns.  The one with the most hits would be paid a hefty price by the other one.

Many parties took place, but it was only for a select few.  Once in awhile he would hear of a popular band stopping by to play some tunes.

“What a life?” muttered James.

Off in the distance he could make out land.  Land that he figured is the island he is going to and handing over the letter.

James pondered how he would deal with being in an environment where there was no electricity.  No way of contacting the outside world. No way to go onto social media. This day and age where everyone is on some kind of electronic contraption.  None of it on this island.

The island got closer and closer.  They came up to a long dock.

“There is a path that leads to the boss,” the captain of the yacht told James.  “Stay on the path. I heard there are snakes all over the island,” he said with a chuckle.

“Sure,” said James knowing the captain was full of it.

“Just don’t wander off,” the captain said.  “That letter needs to get to the boss quickly.  If he finds you wandering his island, he will have your head.”

“I will stay on the path,” said James.

“It will be best for you.”

James got off the yacht, went down the dock, and onto the dirt path.

“It’s so quiet around here,” muttered James as he walked on the path.

He looked around, seeing palm trees scattered throughout the flat terrain.  Bushes here and there, but pretty wide open.

It wasn’t long when he saw a large hut in the distance.  He came up to the hut and came to a set of stairs. He walked up the steps and to an open entrance.

“Hello!” he called out.

No reply as he looked around the room, containing a couple of recliners, a sofa, coffee table, and four bar stools by a mini-bar.  Pictures of different beautiful scenes around the world were displayed on the walls.

“I might be able to adapt to this environment,” James thought.

He looked to his left and right, seeing he could walk around the hut.

“See if he is outside,” said James.

He walked around the hut and came upon the beach.  He immediately saw the one he was looking for lying on the beach with a woman by his side.

“Hello!” he called out.

Frank sat up and turned to James.

“Hello!” Frank answered back.  “I wasn’t expecting any visitors.”

“I have a letter for you,” said James, holding it up.

“Figures,” said Frank, standing up in the complete nude.

James quickly looked down, red in the face.

Moments later, he heard footsteps approaching him.

“Sorry,” he heard Frank say a few feet away.  “I’m completely relaxed out here, including not having to wear suits.”

James glanced up and saw that Frank had a towel around his waist.

“I will take that letter please,” said Frank.

James handed him the letter, and Frank quickly opened it up, took out the paper, and read it.

“I almost forgot,” he said looking up at James with a sheepish grin.

“Hopefully nothing bad,” said James.

“It would have been bad except that you saved the day.”

‘Glad to hear,” said James.  “What was the letter about if you don’t mind me asking?”

“My mother wants me over for dinner this Friday,” said Frank.  “I don’t dare disappoint my mom.”

James just stood there not sure what to say.

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