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The thin ocean breeze caresses my face. The sun seemed to be fading behind the horizon. A casual group of men twice my age sat with women who seemed younger than myself. This was not the first time I got forced out on our boat by my husband but, it was definitely the most exhausting. I sit cross-legged watching the waves gently break around the walls of the boat.

We've been partying none stop for days. Little sleep had been done while on the yacht. mostly by me. Men of high places making their move on women with not so savory intentions. Their wives didn't mind, or more likely they did not know their husband's "Business trip." included booze, women, and drugs.

This made me stand out I had never cared for these kinds of events but I always came because it gave me a reason to leave the reality of a life I did not want. The ocean distracted me from the world.

There was one thing I never understood about life. The idea of mystery had so much control over a person than a transparent situation. It was a fact that I noticed when I was just a young girl. Secret agents, hidden love, confusion. The most noticeable example is men love women they don't understand. Or at least the men who have money do.

My father was a co-developer of some sort of plane-repossession company. They basically evicted private planes that could not be paid for. My father gave our family everything. A big house, nice cars, the latest technology. It was nice but my mind was more focused on my own growth.

I did not find these trivial things as enjoyable. This was a fact many men did not understand. My husband did not find me interesting though. We never had liked each other. Our marriage was not arranged but my father hand-selected Micheal. Micheal’s family rubs shoulders with many high-class personalities. I think Micheals’s father is a lawyer. 

"Mrs. Bailey." A familiar voice said behind me. This broke my train of thought and I slowly turned my head. The man moved to the side of me sitting down. His hand rested on the headrest of the couch. 

"Ah, Mr. Charlesworth," I smiled warmly at my friend. Hunter’s family was one of “new” money. His mother was a successful politician while his father patented a million-dollar invention. Hunter gained his wealth when he was a young teen. 

Hunter blended in well with the other people for being so new to the community. Although, something about him seemed off. He had more respect for the money his family as. 

Hunter Charlesworth's dress shirt was unbuttoned and untucked a look he does not normally enjoy displaying. He cracks a smile. I can smell the thick stench of alcohol on his breath. He was very handsome. His long brown hair thrown in a professional bun. “You’re drinking?” I remark. Hunter nods softly relaxing into the couch. I scoot closer to him. 

 "Look at that." He points behind me.

Shifting my head I scoff softly. My husband has his crummy hands-on women in a short red dress. "At this point, you guys basically should get a divorce," Hunter says his words slurred slightly. I fake laugh.

My husbands' drunken behavior does not hold the same effect it used to before. To the outside world, we are living the "American dream" and but on this yacht, the world didn't matter. My husband did not have to pretend to love his family or his wealth.

"She's the third one this week." I joke light-heartedly turning away from the mess of a man I married.

Hunter's brown eyes meet mine seriously. "You are the strangest woman I have ever met. I admire it." His smile drops as he looks down. "You're husband, Micheal, he shouldn't bring you on these trips."

I shrug. "Hunter, I like being out here. Mr. Bailey is a pig he always has been but he's the one who impressed daddy." A deep breath, I continue "besides being out here it gives me a reason to see you." My arm gently nudges his and I let a soft laugh escaped my lips.

It's well into the night when I decide to head to my cabin. The bed is full of luxurious pillows and linen. There is one thing I respect about my husband. He kept his business out of my room. I kick off my heels and blop on the bed.

A small white envelope sits on my pillow. “Eli” It reads on. I stare at it for a second before reaching for it. I grab it cautiously as if it will burn my skin. My fingertip runs across the top of the envelope. Opening the letter a couple of small rose petals fall onto my lap.

"We both know it's time. There's more where this comes from. Meet me on deck in the morning."

I could barely fall asleep. I knew this letter was from Hunter.

I woke up to the sounds of fighting. The pale light of morning seeping through the blinds. I shot up quickly leaving my bed. "What on God's earth is going on!" I scream as I make my way up to the deck.

Hunter and Micheal are front and center. The drunken crowd chanting excitedly. I break my way through the crowd. "Enough, You are acting like wild animals." 

"You keep your hands off of my wife!" Micheal shoves Hunter hard.

"Your wife? You don't even acknowledge her existence." Hunter fires back. Tauntingly he laughs, "I could've taken her months ago as if you’d care!" 

Micheal spits on Hunter’s feet. “My wife does not want you. You have no real way to take care of her. Your family will go bankrupt like the rest of the new money.” He smirks at Hunter triumphantly. 

“You are a rich scum.” 

Micheal charges Hunter.


The boat falls silent. My body freezes for a few short moments. The girl with the red dress from earlier is the first one to react. "They fell off the boat!" This snaps me back into gear. I sprint to the side of the boat. Trying to see the two men, I frantically scream for help.

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