Halloween From The Point Of View Of An Puerile Minor

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Ah, Halloween, a spooky season indeed. Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated each year on October 31, this celebration is observed as a spooky event usually celebrated by children. Though it’s barely acknowledged by some, some usually celebrate by handing out candy to the young fellows of the neighborhood, trick-or-treating with loved ones in our spooky costumes, or maybe even sharing spine-chilling stories to Tis the season that is quickly creeping upon us. But what truly is Halloween? It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. But people in this day-in-time are typically lighting jack-o'lanterns and shopping for cheap costumes. But me? I’m sitting on the couch wondering the amount of candy I’ll probably be receiving, sounds stubborn right? But that’s how kids are, we pray for full-sized candy bars and the largest amount of those sugary treats we desire that bring fulfillment to our lives. As the adrenaline rises in us we prepare our cheap costumes and ‘attempt’ to patiently wait for the time to sprint out the door. Spreading joy and contentment from door-to-door with our bright smiles and candy bags held out. Or adolescent minds are far too innocent to understand the true meaning of Halloween. But as times have changed we accept Halloween as the day we drown ourselves in candy while our parents sigh in defeat, they let you be. As the night comes to an end, we decide to stash our candy bags that are filled to the brim with those saccharin treats from are parents and arrive at school the next day snacking on candy and bragging to companions the quantity we have accumulated. This fundamental cycle repeats year-after-year, as we mark October 31 on our calendars awaiting the next holiday.  Well, Tis The Season after all.

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11:42 Nov 05, 2019

Halloween is celebrated every year and in different cultures and a great observation from Halloween From The Point Of View Of An Puerile Minor


21:48 Nov 05, 2019

Thanks I was super insecure about sharing this positive feedback is very kind


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02:56 Nov 03, 2019

I'm being too sophisticated 0_o


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