Two unusual trick-or-treaters

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It was on a very cold Halloween night years ago in a three level older home that was rumored to be haunted in a very small community of the Midwest.

We had the bottom half with two other renters above us.

I was well prepared for the town's children that evening with bowls full of candy and a porch light that welcomed so many trick-or-treaters that I had to turn the light off well before 9:00p.m.

The next few hours were spent watching a few Halloween classics while enjoying the last few candy bars I put aside for myself.

At midnight a loud knock was heard outside my door. I wondered at first could it be friends and surely no trick-or-treaters at this hour. I glanced outside the front window and with the help of a few streetlights, I could see shadows of two bicycles but I couldn't make out two blurred images near by.

I quickly unlocked and opened my door to find one young boy standing there. While they other boy was still on his bike.

How odd it seemed to me that each had only t-shirts on without wearing coats. And what were these boys doing out so late. The other odd thing I noticed was how they were acting. It wasn't normal I remember thinking.

I asked the young man if I could help him. He only replied with, "Have you seen Tracy?" "No, I answered is she your sister?"

There was no reply. yet,he pulled from his jeans a picture of a beautiful little girl. As I was looking at her, the young man's voice became more aggressive with, "Have you seen Tracy?"

Feeling very uneasy with this strange meeting , I pointed to the other renters in the home and told him to take the picture of Tracy to see if they might know more then myself.

He quickly looked right in my eyes for the first time with some anger and asked the question again, "Have you seen Tracy?"

It was then , I saw the oddiest

thing of all, his very black pupils without color. The other young man never raised his head behind his handle bars.

I quickly told them I hope they find her soon and shut the door.As I watched them leave under the streetlights. Quickly, I ran out on the porch looking up and down the street. No one was there.

Disturbed by what I experienced, I talked with the landlord. He told me yes, there were some things not so nice went on here years ago. He then told me if I was really interested to check out it's history in a library close by.

I did and was shocked by my findings. Which I have kept a secret.

Only to myself.

To this day,after moving many States away. I celebrate Halloween with good friends that hand out their own candy while I watch from a distance only,trying to forget my own Halloween thriller that repeats itself but, once a year.

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06:55 Nov 07, 2019

Good story 👍🏼... Mood Rn~~~ Mystery man: *angrily* ”where is Tracy” Me: for the third time I don't know where she is!!! What I do know is I am about to call the cops on you creep.


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12:03 Nov 05, 2019

This story got me reading further and I enjoyed the way you approached each line.


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12:15 Oct 26, 2019

This story really did happen in a victorian home built in the late 1800's. It was originally owned by a doctor from a small Midwestern town. In the short time we lived there we, along with the other renters experienced many supernatural experiences.


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