The Most Adorable Angel

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Jul 16, 2021

Christian Contemporary Friendship

Thinking of human nature, the first thing comes into my mind is the benevolence you always have in your genes.

I often think of you as a beautiful smiling sunflower, you often brighten up my day with your optimistic character and positive attitude towards life. Not only your colors that are so shining and brilliant, but also your aromatic floral scents, your yellow and fleshy petals and your strong stalk that supports as your backbone, all beautiful virtues are fully demonstrated in your single body. In the background of clear sky, the yellow matches your bluish eyes with your accent, the swaying of leaves just like your smooth and soft hair that flying in the hair, bringing gentleness and goodness to the world to share, spreading kindness and benevolence for the salvation of the world.

No matter where you go, you are always the most outstanding flower in the bush, because you always have your signature smile on your face. No matter when you appear, you are always the focus of all the cameras and spotlight as you are just so stunningly beautiful. No matter in what form you show up, you are always the toughest Man who can endure storms, thunders and lightnings. No matter how you present yourself, you are always the one with courage and empathy for his people and followers. No matter why you decided to show up, you are always the most blessed and gifted son from God.

You are the most stunning Angel who has ever existed from Heaven. When I fell down to my knee, and I saw darkness and desperation in my life. I didn’t see the future and the world in front of me was black and white. I was having a serious depression. But you, came into my sight, and you pull me up from the bottom of the valley with your strongest arm and hands, your warmth and love melt my heart instantly. You whispered into my ears and tell me what God was hoping and preparing for me. You lightened up my day and gave me strength to continue with my life again. If it was not you, I would still have been lost and not know what I could have done with my life. You are a real savior, a true Hero and an authentic Superman.

You are the most gorgeous wild animal in the planet. There is no such an animal can be comparable to your beauty. Your beauty is not only from the appearance, your DNA and your parents, but also from the precious characteristics of you, the optimism from your heart and the benevolent acts and responsibilities you have taken for yourself. They are also from praises from your fans and followers, from your beloved families and grandchildren, from your coworkers, your army buddies, your students and all others from your community who are loving you. There is never enough words to describe your beauty as you are just too phenomenally beautiful and magnificent.

You are the purest spring water in the village. You have been through so many battles, either in the political world or in the actual combat zones, but you can still came out as the most gorgeous lotus flower from the mud and dirt, so gorgeous and so stunning, impresses people with your beauty and euphoric scent. You spread kindness and mercies for people who had been through bad days, terrible situations and horrible violence. You beautify this world with your benevolence and unconditional love. You carry on with your legacy by spreading nice words and wisdom to the weak and vulnerable, with your decades experience with the world, and share your wit for a meaningful life.

You are the most potent essential vitamin for all humans. You have all the food for a desperate soul to be healed, you have all the kindness, beautiful virtues, and all the goodness from God, you have all the courage and empathy for all your followers and loved ones. You are the savior for all. Your kindness, forgiveness and mercies can heal any disease on the planet, with your optimism, happiness, and wise wisdom. Your medicine is simple, just be happy, and be lovable.

You are the most dynamic color palette on Earth. You colored my world with fancy colors and hues, you decorated my life with rainbows and joy, you put the world of only black and white away from me. My world was again so simple, just simply beautiful because of you.

You are the most beautiful poppy flower on Earth, with the reddest color on you. You have the most furious and passionate blood flowing in your body and it is always ready to exercise their power to the world. You always have endless energy to do something good for the world. Rescuing people and the vulnerable is always your favourite job and you made it your career. Most importantly, you saved me, by encouraging me to stand back up and never give up with yourself as a great role model and example. You are my true Hero.

You are the blankest canvas an artist could have for their career. You are so pure that I could always imagine anything on you. You are a wondrous beauty who can be anything great and gorgeous. You are so skillful in everything and I can draw you into a pilot, a beautiful wild animal, a tanker, a Superhero, a Judge, a soldier, a lion or a white tiger which is only born once in a generation.

You are the most accurate watch which always knows only one direction – forward. You always say, the only direction in life is forward. This applies to not only battlefields but in real life, and I remember this by heart. This is true, people who are stuck in the past or present are unable to move on and eventually just get dumped behind and drown in time which would never stay for anything or anyone. You are such a wise man.

God blesses such an adorable Angel to have an eternal life in the Heaven.

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Moon Lion
00:09 Jul 23, 2021

I never thought anybody could describe beauty in so much painstaking depth without it getting boring or excessive, but the poetic nature of your word choice and the sincerity in diction made sure that it stayed interesting. I was also delighted to finally stumble upon a story about goodness in human nature, rather than just the bad. This was a well-written and beautiful piece of writing!


Xinlan Ou
10:13 Jul 23, 2021

Thank you! Your words are very encouraging too! God blesses you.


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