Opportunities: They can shape your heart

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Jul 15, 2021

Friendship Romance Inspirational

It was unexpected to have an early summer season. The misty foggy mist alerted the early deer foraging the unusual stopping by travellers on their way to reality. Mona and Aaron, always enjoyed the early morning walks through the wilderness hat their Muskoka woods innocently brought them together. They met thru a king of a meeting site. Aaron a music writer and composer, met Mona through a close friend that introduced Aaron at a Christmas party. At the time, they just introduced themselves as usual, drank a couple of drinks together, he normal rule. His bright mysterious eyes, deep blue reminded me somehow of many experiences he had during his quests, travelling world wide to help the less fortunate. Of course his desire to help and explore the world wasn’t a problem for him. His friendly and warm heart easily won every one’s heart. He could’ve easy been my Prince Charming. 

Being loved and known by everyone, there was something not being told, but his way of conducting himself on cameras. Some thing was inadvertently was crawling up on his mind, his soul, his heart. Perhaps his job was taking over his mind. It can’t be. Aaron refused to accept the fact something was changing him. 

That time came again. 6 years later, paths crossed again. Aaron now, Gad grown a beard and a moustache. His eyes not as bright as they used to. His smile not as bright as the sun. The only way he could’ve been recognized was by the way he sang and the lyrics of his song. His lyrics talked to much about life, no way he couldn’t be forgotten like any other singers. No way he was to be a one time wonder. Aarons dedication to help the less fortunate changed him to a more relaxed way of living. He did not noticed, experience made him more matured and experienced. And that showed on his songs. 

Myself, myself; being so much involved into my overseas studies, kept me apparat from Aaron’s whereabouts. I travelled to South America, Aaron stayed North. He was offered a contract to write music for a series of theatrical plays inspired from a book written by my favourite Spanish Writer. His songs again, talked so much about life and love; I thought he had lived with me and experienced written in his own world. I did not feel alone in this world. He literally took the words out of my mouth.

But not my tears. Not my heart. 

I’m alive but somehow felt something was missing. We briefly met again but again, different activities forced us to be apart. I fell lonely. Those bright eyes and smile were not brighting up my life anymore. I saw him on tv. An interview where he went to entertain the US troops. Beautiful way of keeping the soldiers spirits high. They deserved to have his wonderful amazing happy aura devilled to the guys tired of seeing sadness and tiredness that war brings. That was beautiful. 

Carefully planned, Aaron showed up, shared time with them.

That night was incredible. 

Again he made it. 

He brought together many people, strangers where not strangers anymore. They were one family again. He even encouraged some of them to continue making music. Somehow there was hidden talent amongst them.

Gong back home, he was proud he has accomplished another task on his list. He loved to change every one’s heart he touched. 

Hopefully my time surrounded by my family will inspire me to compose more happy inspiring songs. 

Aaron’s mailbox was almost full, contract, projects, friends, family, fans, almost everyone congratulating him for his new project that was just announced on the news. He wanted it to keep it low profile, but somehow it made it to the news. He wanted it to be surprise, but got busted, no more privacy for him, but he felt better. He was back home.

An email message caught the attention of his assistant. This email was brought to the attention of his already busy life. He sat down and skimmed the email to find the main message behind. Perhaps from an fan, he thought. He was to start the email to send back to her, but the phone rang. His manager calling to remind him the interviews for tomorrow’s start of a world tour. Needed a new name. And the promotion of the new album, and finalize the new songs for the new theatrical play. Also had to interview the new musicians playing for the new project. Quite busy. He loved it like that. He tried to forget about it but with no success.

That night turned into a long night. Aaron couldn’t catch any sleep at all. There was something that bothered him. Quite puzzled, went to his kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee. Perhaps that will help me. He thought.

The next morning came by and the neighbour red cardinal serenaded him. Spring came back. It was time for the cardinal to find love again. 

Aaron’s appearance changed so much, it took time to be accepted in the neighbourhood again. Everyone he talked to, nobody could see nor recognized him.

That spark on his eyes and his perfect smile made the ones he couldn’t keep in touch remember him. The steady strong hand shake and firm hug was his signature gesture every one remembered, that only closest people to him knew, made them feel secured being close by. Aaron’s mind somehow was still about that message he didn’t complete reading due to a phone call from his management. 

Late that night he found some time to go downstairs and prepare done coffee. As he was taking some sips his mind wondered about that email. Something about that email started to bother him. I’m not going to get another night sleep. But she looks familiar. 

He pull out his laptop and checked his emails and tomorrow’s agenda. Another busy day - he mumbled.

He was about to hit the button to turn off his laptop when something clicked on his mind. She be looks familiar but not sure why still keeps coming to my mind. I have met so many people on my trips, could’ve been one of them.

Ok, Aaron went to the coffee maker and pop out another pod for his coffee maker. 

Sat on the table and one after other sip enjoyed the full moon bright and high. She is so perfect and so lonely. Like me.

Aaron wasn’t to give up that easy. He looked into the photo directory of his iPhone. And found what he was looking for. It was a photo of a girl he met down 5 month ago during his trip overseas to South America. During your, he met a friend’s family member that welcomed him when he travelled due to business matters. 

At the end of the meeting, to close the deal. Aaron was invited, together to other members of the company he closed the deal with, to a dinner to thank Aaron fir the new business deal closed. There was this girl, he later knew worked in the administration area of the company. 

It was Mona, the girl he was introduced to before. Any problems you might have, just contact her. She knows what she does. I wouldn’t doubt her acknowledge on the business. She’s my right hand. 

After dinner was done, we all departed our own ways, but couldn’t forget her smile snd bright brown eyes. 

The opportunity to bump into each other happened again. Mona was transferred to another company and moved ti another country, reason shay Aaron never heard of her again. 

The world somehow showed to them again when that both met again at a concert Aaron organized, to help kids in Haiti. 

Backstage, Mona bumped into Aaron. Mona said - I think I have seen you somewhere else before!. Aaron responded with his characteristic smile.

Mona laughed snd said: yes I remember you!

Come here Anna! This is the guy I grew up with! So long time! This world is so small! 

Look at you Aaron! You have come a long way!

Aaron replied- if you are staying a bit longer, we could go out for dinner. Here close by a super nice restaurant where we could catch up on our adventures!

Mona didn’t say no. She remembered the time they grew up together and shared experiences growing up together like best friends, going to prom dance, to University. After they went their own ways but never kept commenting. 

Until now that met each other again.

This mysterious guy that was known because of his bright smile and confident handshake. 

Nobody knew how far he was to get.

Nobody knew how successful he is.

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