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Proud military brat raised in three different countries and with a terrifying family (who she intends to write a story about someday) tracking her movements by constant Whatsapp with all the skill they use for the military. Waverley's two favorite books of all time are "White Fang" and-- don't laugh-- "Ella Enchanted" a book she fell in love with at age eleven, and still has two very worn-down copies of sitting on her college desk. Waverley speaks German and is learning French. She is British with several alarming American cousins who happily send her pictures of the Dairy Queen sundaes she misses out on in the States. Her favorite movies are "Coming to America" and "Steel Magnolias" no matter how much it makes her cry. Her favorite foods are popcorn and ice cream (not together, you psycho!) and unfortunately for her health, she harbors a deep love of American Bojangles as well. Her favorite place is the German village called Waldenbuch she lived in for three years, and misses with the kind of ache you get when you bruise a rib. Waverley... has run out of favorites, but would love to hear about things people can relate to and love as much as she loves her dang Bojangles. P.S. Dog person, cause she has a scar from her cousin's stupid cat 'Sorry'.