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City-kitty who runs on popcorn, rainy days and quick talking. Waverley's life goal is to become a mermaid, but so far she's still trying to get through college. ATTENTION: I am no longer reading any story if I am asked to. If someone comments 'Nice story! It was cool! Can you read mine, 'The Case of Purple Crayons?' I will NOT be reading it or leaving any likes. I promise not to downvote, but you won't be gaining karma points either. BUT-- if I get a genuine comment with feedback and sharing what they liked, I will immediately go to your most recent story-- no matter what I am doing-- and respond in the fullest, telling you what was good, what descriptions I liked, what to work on, everything. I will like, upvote, comment-- whatever you do to my story, I respond to on your own. I do take the time to read what people have written, and I'm sick of half-assed comments from people that just want more karma points. I WILL give you as many karma points as you deserve-- as long as you don't keep asking for them. Happy writing!