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God save the Queen's broken heart. Age: 20, Scorpio. Appearance: brunette with a nice haircut (finally, the shops are open!!), reading glasses like a grandma, and annoyingly short compared to the rest of my family. Ethnicity: legally British but a mix of American cousins and grandparents from Germany somewhere in there Accent: horrific, will not be discussed. Favorite books: Currently Good Omens, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Interesting Narrative and Other Stories of Olaudah Equiano. Favorite movies: changes. Right now, anything Sherlock and The Office (the REAL version!!) Occupation: bored and lonely, like everyone else in this dratted lockdown Celebrity obsessions: Taylor Swift, Trevor Noah, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Viola Davies. Boyfriend: nope, kissing is hazardous in our current situation. Pet: a stuffed animal I sleep with when I'm working at 3 A.M. and the phrase 'devil's hour' is running through my head and I live alone and need something to make me feel safe. You get paranoid by yourself. Pet peeves: bad writers still, definitely, passive-aggressive people, suicide jokes, and friends who don't change their behaviors but complain about those behaviors to me constantly. Location: what's the city that just came OUT of lockdown right now? :) Guilty pleasures; videos of lions playing hide-and-seek with their owners, and watching Disney movies even though I'm legally an adult and should be over it. Personality: Deeply sarcastic, mostly. I like wit. Nice, I think? I'm kind of that friend who invades your house, steals your wine, and Sharpies your forehead while you're sleeping asking where you keep the mini marshmallows. Also absolute prankster, with half my friends currently not talking to me after April 1st took place. Turns out there are many things you can do over the Internet to people... Other random facts: favorite smell is Waterstones, favorite song is Champagne Problems, I cannot do makeup to save my life (blush and mascara, that's IT) I once accidentally gave my Oyster card to a homeless man and had to sprint back two train stations to get it, not a big skirts girl, I speak German and I'm learning French, I don't have social media as a matter of principle, I've never cried at a movie except for Steel Magnolias, I can roll cigarettes, and I have converted to Deliveroo as a religion. Also, obsessive tea drinker, which I suppose is kind of stereotypical. Fact about Brits for Americans and other aliens: Literally is not pronounced 'liter-ally' like the American way. It is 'licher-ly' here, and the number of times a day people say licherly is very annoying. Link to Allpoetry account: (be warned, some of them are quite terrible) https://allpoetry.com/Waverley_Stark