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Name: Waverley Stark (yes like Tony Stark, no it's not fake). Age: Born in the year 2000 Occupation: Charmingly exhausted college student who wears too many mesh shirts and really needs to quit smoking. Appearance: 5'4 brunette, former possessor of pink undertones in hair, reading glasses toter and wearer of too many freckles on her arms. Location: London, baby! (If you can hear Joey Tribbiani's voice in that, you are my new best friend). Favourite books: White Fang, Ella Enchanted, Good Omens, On Writing, The Martian, Harry Potter series, A Damsel in Distress, and pretty much everything Agatha Christie. Favourite movies: My taste is basically comedies to really dark and interesting thrillers. Case in point: Coming to America, Cool Runnings, Steel Magnolias. But also: Joker (with Joaquin) Devil's Advocate, and Princess and the Frog. Longest story ever written: one about a Scottish town called "Fiadhaich". I'm working on edits right now and if you're in the mood, feedback is great. I promise I'll return the favour: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w-IYhtGYh7njlCOCejQCYrbJTYocSS82Mcl-EIt7kFc/edit (but please, turn on suggesting. No direct editing, it's a pain for me). :) Favourite food: mmm, salted caramel ice cream, avocados, and raw salmon (haha not together though). Favourite place: this little town in Germany near Stuttgart Languages: French and German, working my way through Spanish, I want to do Russian in the near future AllPoetry account page: https://allpoetry.com/Waverley_Stark Nice to meet you guys!

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