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I always hope in the back of my mind that one day someone would come up to me and ask me for historical fiction book recommendations because I could give them a ten-page list of my favorites (back and front). I find that if I am not reading a book, I am working on my novel or writing stories. I discovered Reedsy in August when I thought about looking for story prompts. I found Reedsy and I have been on here ever since. I enjoy supporting others on Reedsy so if you want me to follow you or read your stories, I would be happy to. Now for some random this or that questions. Cold or hot? (❄️Cold for me because I don't like heat) Pastel colors or Vibrant colors? (🌈Pastel colors because they are pretty) Pizza or Pasta? (🍕Pizza, hands down, but I am curious about the people who pick pasta) Morning or Night? (🌞🌕Both, early morning and late night for me) Books or Movies? (Books on the weekdays, but movies on the weekend) My favorite genres in stories and books are: Historical fiction, Christian Fiction, and Romance for recommendations on those genres just mentioned, I got you:) I enjoy getting comments on my stories and enjoy getting to comment back. I appreciate all constructive criticism because it helps me improve, so feel free to leave comments on any of my stories. Thank you to everyone that has liked, commented, and followed me. I appreciate all of you and you don't realize how much it makes my day to the little yellow bell on the notifications. Sometimes I don't think my stories are that good and it makes me feel a bit better about them when people like them, so thank you. And lastly, thank you to those who read this whole thing. It is much appreciated. Thank you!