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I seek (and seek to create): a) characters that readers can fall in love with b) fiction that is bright c) fiction that blurs genres e) fiction that rends the heart and offers answers to big questions and reminds one why it's important to feel I often write about very different people coming together and becoming part of something. I have had the privilege to observe many interesting people and see much art and writing that I incorporate and hopefully honor in my work. I feel I have always been a person with at least a foot in many different worlds: Intellectual, working-class, Christian, secular, liberal, conservative, multicultural, U. S. American, European, Asian. If anything I would hope to be known as a Vegetarian Childlike Protestant Christian Fiction Writer. But I would just as soon hide behind my fictional characters. Some animated films (a particular interest) that have had a major effect on me: 1. Five Centimeters Per Second, an anime directed by Makoto Shinkai 2. Various Disney and Pixar films from Sleeping Beauty to Toy Story 4 3. Toys in the Attic, a slightly darker stop-motion film, directed by Jiří Barta The genres I like most are: 1. Children's and YA 2. Christian fiction that is avant-garde and/or multicultural 3. Fantasy but without so much of the usual stuff (wizards, royal intrigue, orcs, etc.) 4. Realistic fiction that deals with the problems of life but also transcends them 5. Science Fiction but without so much of the usual stuff (space travel, time travel, robots) 6. Steampunk that's not just about airships, Victorian London, etc.