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I'm Irish! I love to laugh. I don't mind if I'm judged or laughed at. I'm sure there, you are your only friend. I like driving, road trips, photography, and learning new things. I grew up in a small town, I live in the city sometimes. I enjoy listening to hyperactive music, blogging, going out. I live my life adventurous! Life is full of true stories, emotions, creations of new! Belonging to a native tribe, in my past, I'm youth now. I was a hard worker, I believe in heaven, on earth. We are going back in our house inside of ourselves when we write! We learn each others personalities, we share love through our story telling, you have an incredible friend when you read my short stories! Smile and; remember me in my poems and books. I am in a book already titled "Grains of Sand" . It is sold at Barnes 'N Noble. Go find it. -please and thank you.