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I just want people to please excuse my sometimes misspellings or grammar issues. I was diagnosed w/ AS, (ankylosing Spondilitis,) which has affected my eyes. I now have uveitis, which has caused my left eye to be almost 100% blind. It's as if looking through a spiderweb, through cotton balls. This has all jusy happened in the last year & A HALF> It's an autoimmune disease that eventully will attack every organ. I'm on Humira, ( a biologic,) to help but it only seems to bring down the inflammation in my hands a little and nowhere else does it help...yet! In the meantime, I plan on continuing w/ the writing, but again, pleae just try to overlook these mistakes, but I have no problem if you bring my attention to them. It helps me to be more aware of the fact I need to edit or re-read before submitting, lol. Thank you!