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About: By day I'm an earth and planetary scientist. I specialize in dynamics, the study of motion, and do this from a motionless posture in a windowless office at a NASA center. I ply through tedious calculations to better understand the tides in Europa's ocean, the jets on Jupiter, and, most engagingly, the drastically irreversible effects of the climate change we are bringing about on this planet. Occupation: Physicist Disclaimer: The irresponsible, unrealistic, childish, and downright unprofessional views expressed here are my own and do not reflect those of NASA or the University of Maryland. Interests: I'm very well educated in the inhumanities (Ph.D., McGill U.) but remain a student of creative fiction because facts don't appear to hold all the answers. Publications: In non-fiction, I am published in top science journals (e.g. Science, Nature). In fiction, I have short stories here on Reedsy, and a self-published novel Circus Planetaria on Amazon.