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Hello! Teenager here who is madly in love with writing, MCU and K-pop! I will be inactive for at least a month guys (I assume). Tataaaa guys! Take care, keep writing! I have published three books- 1. Half Past Eleven 2. The Eternal Gems 3. Souls No More If you are in India, then you can buy them from notionpress, amazon or flipkart! SERIOUS UPDATE: Guys. Me and a few of my friends have been subject to a little downvoting spree... AGAIN. This is particularly to the downvoters. If there is any problem with the story, please do tell instead of using the benefit of anonymity. And if you are doing this to climb up the leaderboard, then please do it with your own effort instead of wasting others'. There are some good, honest and hardworking people here. Please help keep up their spirits instead of crushing them.