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Brown hair, blue eyes, Aquarius (JUST made it), year of the rat, Slytherin, Dauntless/Erudite, pyrokinetic and relentless fangirl... all that good stuff. If you know me IRL, you know I wear pretty much the same thing every day: headphones that I should be more careful with, a thick dark hoodie, jean shorts... Also, random tangent: does anyone else have a bad habit of adopting (bad) habits from books/movies? I also literally read EVERYTHING from labels to cook books to novels, information, fiction, signs, poetry and of course short stories! I also read EVERYWHERE so I’ve gotten prettttty good at multitasking. (But no I cannot read and sail a boat at the same, you know who you are). I play the piano and own a lovely (but very prickly) hedgehog and some elegant hens. I’ve been writing since I was.... three? Four? (Not well though). Still writing! Yay! Annnnnnnnnd hopefully someday I shall be good enough to dig out my horrible old manuscript of a story that has been wanting out for ages and rewrite it... (but seriously, the plot if fine, the actual story is kiiiiiiinda trash). Comments are better then likes! (Likes are nice too tho). It’s more connecting. Interesting! I like talking to other writers and learning stuff. (I don’t like talking to people who are out there to spread hate and sadness - downvoters, looking at you). But seriously stop downvoting! People work really hard so don't take that away. :) Anyway to list some facts about me for all the people who have nothing better to do than read people's bio's (jk)... Fav color: Blue Fav animal: Walrus/chicken Fav book: Why are you asking me to choose?? Fav season: Wow that's hard... honestly I hated spring but it is fabulous now that we're in it, so spring Dream: to be an author (I assume that's why we're all here) Personality: Quirky, spontaneous, order freak, introvert AND extrovert... little bit morbid. Liiiitle bit. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites... Happy Place: anywhere with a book or my headphones (or my aMAZing friends, of course) Bad Habits: Adopting fictional characters bad habits (heh) ....About food... Likes: Pomegranate, passion fruit, coffee, burgers, potatoes, coffee and lemonade. Oh right, COFFEE of course Dislike: pickles, ketchup, mustard, relish, pop, cake (kind of), lot's of kinds of ice cream, pickles, pickles, walnuts, gum and PICKLES I SEE YOU Hmmm, now I think I should add more things I like, but other than the things I dislike I like prettttty much everything I have an aversion to being noticed so I comment, ummm, never (working on that but I haven't read a story I don't like yet so if I like it's legit!) Okay... eleven-not-ten facts about me! #1 Spelling nut... I'm Canadian (favOUrite, colOUr) but can't stand the underlines #2 Yup, I have a hedgehog (Pandora) and currently eight chickens (Alice, Jimi Bananas, Raven, Crow, Scout, Countess, Prima, Bianca) #3 I write poetry sometimes (you'll probably never see it though) #4 Pronouns are she/her (you might have guessed that from my lack of male protagonists... wait I have one that doesn't count because the story is all about the girl... sigh 😔😂) #5 I don't have... social media! Yes I'm proud of that (what everyone has it) #6 I've never been to McDonalds (another one of the am I really human things) #7 I don't trust unicorns (yup I wrote a story about that) #8 People pleaser. We all know about that (right??) #9 I draw... you'll never see that too #10 My hair WAS straight at one point but I have a bad (read: nervous) habit of twisting it around my finger so it’s hella wild now 😅 #11 Instead of the wave 👋 emoji I use the 🌊 emoji (it’s more fun 😆) Annnnd that pretty much wraps me up! Yay! I will at some point put some of my (AWESOME) friends links in here (when it’s not way late and I’m on my laptop instead of my phone). But for now if you want to check out Maraika!!! 😎 and Nadia Cooper I’m following them and they me, so that’s how you can find them! PS thank you for all the kp so far!