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***I WON'T BE ON REEDSY ANYMORE*** (due to some reasons...) but still answer comments and stuff lol Catholic and PROUD!! Pro-Life and PROUD!! i don't believe in changing your pronouns. a man cannot be a woman and a woman cannot be a man. THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME HOMOPHOBIC. I JUST DON'T SUPPORT YOUR DECISIONS. I RESPECT YOU AS YOU RESPECT ME. i am a female. heyy i'm timber i just changed my name lol i still love reading and writing don't worry, reedsy just isn't for me, you know? hobbies: running, drawing, hanging with friends, being the unique drunk crackhead uncle idiot that I am. weaknesses: anxiety, overthinking, eating disorder, blushing disorder lmbo fav food: mac n cheese fav movie: thor ragnarok or GotG or shang-chi! fav song: you should see me in a crown or spooky scary skeletons fav book: twilight saga or pjo fav saints: Maria Goretti, patron saint of sexually and domestically abused teen girls, and Mary of Egypt, patron of troubled teen girls. Luigi Scrossopi, patron saint of soccer, lol. And, Therese of Lisieux, the little flower<3 my email is email me! i love chatting and I have zero friends lol. jk. IM GETTING CONFIRMED IN THE SPRING YAYY lucia, lucy, or lu bye friends :)