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*ON SEMI-HIATUS* kind of here. kind of not. who knows 🤪 -If stupidity was illegal, I'd be on death row 😔✌️ ·Feedback and tips will be greatly appreciated. 📝 Writing schedule is unpredictable (i usually write one week, skip the next, and write on the third. in the end, it all depends on what prompts there are) ·instagram: @_lisa_hills_ Go check it out (?) Btw, there was a story I accidentally deleted and couldn't make the deadline 😔 If you want to read it, it's on my instagram. The title is 'Elevatophobia'. You don't have to follow or like or anything like that, I would just really appreciate any feedback. Thanks! 😊 ·If you follow (you don't have to), I'll follow back!! 😁 -"I'm in Spain, except the 's' is silent 🙃" ·Strange obsession with cards ♥️♠️♣️♦️🃏 and the moon 🌕🌑 (and knives 🔪. and other weird things.) · Aquarius ♒️ · Currently in Vancouver, 🇨🇦 (for all you stalkers out there, come end my pain 🥳) -"Road work ahead? Umm, yeah, I sure h0pe it does." (RIP Vine 😞) ·NEEDS 3 hugs with my cat daily 🐈 ·Fav color ⬛️ black 😌 ·Cannot live without music 🎧 ·Legit can't wake up in the morning ⏰ ·Likes 🏐 ·One word: anime Watched/Currently Watching Animes ·Haikyuu!! 🏐 ·FAIRY TAIL ✨ ·My Hero Academia 🤕 ·The Promised Neverland 🌹 ·Erased ⏳ ·Kakegurui 🃏 ·A Silent Voice 🌸 ·Your Name 💫 ·Food Wars 🍙 ·Moriarty the Patriot 🔫 ·Attack on Titan ⚔️ ANYONE CAN CHOOSE MY PROFILE PIC!!! 😜 Just drop a comment on any one of my stories! It'll be changed every week! Please guys don't give me anything embrassing 👉👈 😔 Uncle Rick is my inspiration (Rick Riordan) Holly Jackson as well. (seriously. her books are awesome.) FUN FACT (changes every week. maybe): the moon has moonquakes. like earthquakes, but y'know, on the moon. 🌚 Epic Gamer Mode: (some games i play) Wild Rift War Dragons Call Of Duty (mobile version since i'm broke and can't afford proper gaming devices 😀) Nonograms Imma dumbass, weeb, psycho(?) and memester with mental problems that also happens to write. Thanks for reading this looooooooong bio. You deserve an award. Here ya go: 💩. and i oop- wrong one. My apologies. HERE you go: 🏆