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Wait wait wait. 983?! YOU GUYS! your so kind thank you *me crying happy tears* PLS upvote my dear friend CJ M she deserves more than 335 kps ;) Lets get CJ to 400 kps or 500 please Hello! My name is Lauren but you may also know me as Lo :) and I have been writing since... a long time. I really love writing even though I don't post much anymore(sorry im working on it). Pls check this link out: d/1LcQlAr7HKYSwQf5YdzQ2RNjifDTx B3VRteJ5IW0DLNk/edit? usp=sharing Check my blog out please! 💗 My name: Lauren My age: Between 10 and 13 My favorite color: Artic Blue My height: 5'2 My sign: Aries Do I have a lover: nope :/ I dare you to add this to ur bio comment if you do! People to check out: Louis Lyman~ IRL Bestie💗 Jersey Fisher~ IRL Friend Sapphire-Online friend🤗 Amethyst ~Online Friend🙂 Luna~ Online Friend😀 Cj Mayer ~Online Friend ☺ All followers-Thank you so much!