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I'm 65 years old, I mean, young, and looking to forge a career in freelance writing. OK, yes, I'm a little late to the game for sure but I think I can do it. I've been writing short stories for years but never moved to get any of my material published. Until now. I took an online course about 2 years ago called, "Writeriffic: Creative Training for Writers" by author Eva Shaw. It was really my first foray into writing and Eva loved every pirce I submitted, even going so far as to say a few were definitely publishable. Now I'm taking another online class called "Get Paid to Write" by author Diana Kelly Levey. So I'm trying to get exposed to as many freelance training courses as possible to hone my virgin skills. And I just found "ReedsyPrompts" and submitted my first short story! If anyone "out there" in the literary world happens to read my bio and wants to contact me, please do!