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Growing up on the lovely Peninsula shores of eastern Maryland, home to the delicious Blue Crab, I resented having to move to a less populated area. Not because I was going to miss the ton of friends I had...give me a break! I was a Loner...a Rebel. Okay, maybe not like the Pee Wee Herman Rebel. I mean how much of a Rebel can one 8 year old be? However, I was somewhat of a recluse....yes, that strange kid, the other kids talked about. I could see their curious stares from my very crystal clear and unclouded, 8 year old, peripheral. I was never really bothered by this. I felt special. Because at this tender age, I'd just found Jesus and was filled with the Holy Spirit. At least that's what Sister Mary had explained to my mom. I was considered, by some, to be a phenomenon, at that time. But, I often felt very alone, like I was an embarrassment to my sisters. What normal kid takes to reading the Bible over a good game of Mother May I and Hopscotch? As an 8 year old, I didn't find the Bible to be a good read. Well, not until my dear mother purchased the complete collection of Bible Stories. I must've read those books a thousand times, yet I thirsted for more. Although I loved reading, I did so privately. I was very bashful. So, I wasn't a happy camper when I was called upon, in my former years, to read for a class full of rowdy Kindergarteners. Not to sound mean, but I was just a 1st grader, myself. Oh, how I LOVED all the compliments and being told, constantly, of how well I read. Of course, up until that horrible day, my former kindergarten teacher interrupted the first grade class and asked, "Can I borrow Jennifer?" Honestly, who borrows a child? Especially one as quiet as I? Hell, I was still bowing from the praises I was receiving and plucking the lint off the shoulders of my plaid, wool Poncho, when this outrageous request came. Frozen, I was terrified....had I any say in the matter? Apparently not, I thought, as I was being hauled off down the hallway. What, in the Sandy Hill Crane, just happened? (frequent expression used by my Stepfather) My mind was frantic. My eyes began to sparkle and glisten from the tears building up, just as I was being placed on this very tall stool, smack dab in the middle of the whole class. "You are the Cat's Nip, when it comes to reading aloud Buttercup", said the smiling teacher. I didn't want to be the Cat's Nip or a Buttercup. I just wanted my momma. As my bottom lip began to quiver, she handed me a book. I looked down, as I cradled it in my lap and to my surprise, it was the Cat in the Hat. Oh boy, maybe this was going to be fun. I read effortlessly, smiling from start to finish. So, it seems my joy of reading overpowered my fear of being noticed....seen, or on display, which is how I felt. This would later come to haunt me once again. Working as a Clerk Typist for the DOI's Office of Legislation and Regulatory Management, I was frequently called upon to read, ALOUD, the Federal Register. Are you kidding me? NOT a good read. When I mentioned that I liked reading, as a hobby, mind you, I meant, alone.... privately. Flashback to the saved, 8 year old kid. I was very angry about my family moving. Not only was our new house surrounded by endless Soybean and Cornfields, there were NO MORE BOOKMOBILES....EVEERRR!!! I had to beg my mom to drive me to grandma's every other week. There, I'd hike it down to the local Post Office, where the Bookmobile would park for an hour. I was allowed to get 3 books at a time, and 3 more a week and 6 days later. As the biweekly trip to grandma's became more and more less of a guarantee, I knew something had to change. I was such an avid reader, I was usually done with all 3 books, in a day or two. The 2 week wait was maddening. So, I began writing my own stories...thus, an Author was born. Well, let's just say, an undiscovered, blooming Buttercup, with a passion for reason for becoming a member here. Not looking to publish anything....Riiighttt! No, honestly, I hope to meet some wonderful people with fascinating stories to tell, while having a blast writing. Cheers everyone!