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"When did I start thinking you were the love of my life?" Filled with inspiration, yet a lack of motivation, memes and songs, Jasey is an avid writer and reader. Her favourite genre is Romance, reading and writing alike, and her posts on Reedsy aren't as frequent as they used to be. Her two favourite games of all time are, « Does Jasey have the motivation to write today? » and « Will Writer’s Block hit Jasey like a truck or not? » Jasey is more than happy for people to say hello or give feedback to other people's stories. She feels as though her best works are: - Not a Princess, But a Pirate - You Said You Loved Me All The Way To Space - Kieran Hensler - A Typical Loveless Engagement - When We Were Together - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Remington and Carter So she advises beginning with those if you don't know where to begin. She proposes that these stories be read in order: The Liar series: 1. It Was The Liar Who Won 2. I Was The Liar Who Won 3. I Knew The Liar Who Won The Graduation series: 1. Graduation 2. Graduation's After Party 3. I do, Esme The Glazed and Glorious series: 1. Glazed and Glorious 1a. Gloriously Glazed (Zoe's should be linked in "Glazed and Glorious") 2. Glazed and Glorious Part 2 2a. Gloriously Glazed Part 2 (The second part to Zoe's POV) 3. Watching the Sunset with You 4. Gloriously Gazed Part 3 (Zoe wrote this, so you have to go to her profile if you want to read it) 1. Here's to Wishing (you can read this one on its own but it has a lot of the same characters in the 2nd and 3rd story below) 2. Counter of Smiles 3. A Tally 1. Daniel and Zachary 2. Daniel and Zachary Part 2 1. Wonderful Company 2. Love and Birthdays Here is a poem she wrote for the one whose memories are scattered through the wind: "And between them, he could sense it, as sparks flew, but it would be a crime if he knew, for loving one's lover would only end in dismay, so he remained undercover, his life in disarray." Jasey has also made a form that you can fill out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOCp4BnA_BCwWiyFKLHSZIrd3TVoyyqBB1ewoR3qdlH_nOhQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Jasey recommends a lot of writers on this platform, but a great many of her original friends have left or are inactive. She is grateful to those who have spoken to her, given her feedback, and made her feel welcome when she first joined this community. She also thanks her 180+ followers, for loving her work too. Jasey's current favourite book is "Our Violent Ends' by Chloe Gong, but she finds she loves as many books as she reads so her favourite always changes. Her favourite book series is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Some nicknames you can call her [and she'll add more if there are others]: - Jase (anyone) - J (anyone) - Jay (anyone) - Jasey Bear (Leo P) - Jay the Gay (Echo Ross) - Lunie (BiBean) - JJ (BiBean) - Sey (Celeste) https://en.pronouns.page/@Jasey_Lovegood You can also find Jasey on Commaful: https://commaful.com/play/jasey_lovegood/ Jasey aspires to be a successful writer in the future and wishes everyone reading this a good day/night. <3 Hashtags: #StopDownVoting #SupportAllWriters #MyHandsCantTypeAsFastAsIWantThemToo #WritingIsTherapy #Gayauntvibesss #100%notstraight #WhenYouLookBackOnYourWattpadStoriesAndCRINGE #Polybuddies #✊🏾🏳️‍🌈