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Greg has always been found it attractive to find the answers to puzzles. When he was introduced to literature concerning ancient mysteries he soon became absorbed: The mystery of The Holy Grail, the existence of God and human existence are all questions that have intrigued him from an early age. Greg self published his first book in 1996. It was based in 6 years research and tracked the locations of the Celtic Monuments in Europe, which he discovered, duplicate the pattern of the stars in the Northern Sky. It was entitled; ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ and was published in hardback, full colour. It sold 6000 copies. Used copies are now being sold on e-bay at a significant premium. His second book; ‘The God Secret’ was published by Eloquent Books in the USA in 2011; and is available in hard back, soft back and on kindle. It investigates the evidence still available in monuments and text and it shows how the idea of ‘God’ first came into existence. It illustrates how much of religious tradition is based on interpretations of star patterns made by ancient astronomer-priests More recently Greg has investigated the coming into existence of Christianity and he published a book entitled ‘The Jesus Phenomenon’. This book traces the most likely set of events that led to the emergence of ‘The Son of God’ Greg has also published two volumes of short stories entitled ‘A point of view’, which are available on Kindle. He has recently converted all these stories into film scripts and has produced additional and more substantial film scripts for TV series