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Hej!!! Please, please read my stories (whichever one you prefer), likes, feedback and follows are much appreciated!! Ok, hear me out, this is supposed to be fun. You can call me Elsa. Or if you consider me a friend (whatever that means on this website): Elle. I'm a greaser, who probably loves music more than anything, ever. I'm half irish, half italian, and if I get the chance and the courage this summer, I will die my hair blue. I'm quite shy, but once you get to know me, I'm an out going, groovy, fun chick. And I'm like super moral-focused. My hobbies include writing, playing the guitar, swimming in the lake, playing basketball, and uselessly sitting in my room with a can of sour-cream pringles listening to music from the 50s ranging to the 80s. Appreciate all you talented, enthusiastic, friendly writers. Rhondalise Mitza and Roshna Rusiniya, you are amazing role models and fantastic writers!! Everyone please go check them out. Anyway, Ciao then.