Diane Garner

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Well, I have a creative personality, mainly in art, but enjoy writing, even though I am not that good at it, I tell stories in person better than it writing. My education is high school graduate. I was a homemaker for 20 years, but enjoyed volunteering at the elementary school my two children went to and did so for 12 years. Created many a bulletin board, even was a PTA President for a year, taking on social issues at the time. At the age of 40, I took my first job, beginning at the front desk of a modeling/talent agency the working fulltime in City of Louisville politics for many years, then an ad agency and other part-time jobs as I became caregiver to my parents. I have two children, a daughter in KY, three grandchildren, and a son, who lives in St Petersburg FL where me and hubby live, now that hubby is retired. We have a 13 year old diabetic Rat Terrier, Lily, that we enjoy.