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My whole life I was told I couldn't write because I didn't have the capability. Visual arts, drawing and painting, became my form of confident correspondence throughout most of my life. Historically I have had a major struggle with spelling and grammar due to Autism and dyslexia. Decades of learning what those hiccups were and how to work with them and around them, brought a little encouragement. Yet, within those years, I watched movies and television and somehow saw words attached to everything I saw. Perhaps a symptom of my longing to understand what and how writers pull sentences together by what they see and the words they choose. I come from a visual world looking into a foreign world. Though there had been a couple of hand full of books I read at length, that were not assigned to me were, "Wuthering Heights;" "The Man Who Fell To Sea With Grace;" β€œThe Temple of the Golden Pavilion,” "Silence of the Lambs;" "Frankenstein;" "City of Night;" "Jurassic Park;" "Postcards from the Edge;" "Jonathan Livingston Seagull;" "Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah." Each of them lend to my style of writing with the addiction to the visual storytelling of films and televisions shows. Now I’m using more than a thousand words to tell a story.