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I have a good life. Family who have helped me through my good and worst moments. Friends who helped me in finding myself. One thing that they have all helped me realize have been many things. The one thing that always stood out that I've seen has been one thing. Inspiration. It comes in many ways. I'm inspired by the challenges I've faced. Inspired by the conflicts and how they're settled, the ideas we create and the ripple effects that follow. The thought of an idea that can create the world's we read, the shows and movies we watch, and the lore of places that helped us become who we are today. I'm inspired to always keep moving. To always keep going forward. There are times when we take a break, a little longer than we should, but that doesn't we stop or give up. If you're inspired by something or someone then take the leap, and hopefully you have family and friends to help along the way.