Craig Westmore

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Author bio

Born and raised in northern California, I grew up with Silicon Valley - watching cherry tree orchards turn into Apple buildings. I worked as a software engineer, living my second best life, and dreamed of finding a cheap place to live somewhere in the U.S. so I could be a full-time writer. A few years ago, while vacationing in Spain, a Brazilian woman sat next to me on a tourist bus from Madrid to Seville. I didn't speak Portuguese and she spoke little English, and yet, on that eight-hour ride, we fell in love. We dated long-distance for two years and then I took a chance - I quit my job, moved to Brazil, and worked as an English teacher. We got married a year later and have a ten-year-old son. I've been working on a novel for several years, but last October I received feedback from a developmental editor that my story may not be marketable. After two weeks of mourning and dealing with the anxiety of all that time wasted, I decided to move on. I plan to spend 2022 writing one short story a week in Reedsy's Writing Prompt Contest. I hope to hone my skills creating characters, building tension and raising stakes. I've been a bit isolated working alone for so long. I'd like to get to know other writers and build a community. I would appreciate comments on my work and look forward to reading your stories!