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yo... I skate but I'm pretty shit 💩 ok ok so everyone on here writes a lot in there bio so i will try to, too Hobbies: Um watching Netflix?? Obsessing over Timothee Chalamet👑 <3 and watching anything he is in... uhh 👉👈I like to eat I consider it a extracurricular activity... I like to read and uhhh I am in Ap Eng Lit and Ap European History I like to make fun of ppl and bully my little sister cuz I'm MATURE 😎 I like blowing money 💰and shopping for stuff I don't need. ALso I have no filter and can be insensitive so sorry. OH and I do skate at the park Imma a 'skater girl' ig but i am shit cant even ollie smh😒 Shout out to: 🌻ค๓คຖฯ 🌻, Courtney Stuart, Irlanda Gonzalez, & Aᥱrιᥒ B. 🌈 Follow them or else chucky will kill u in ur sleep 😊💕