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I'm that one person that really overthinks things- Even a bio for that matter. I'm also hesitant to write something, just because I may know nothing about the topic. I'm a content fish keeper and a sucker for betta fish- I love mine to death and love to maintain their 10 gallon planted tanks. :) For me, writing is a release, a place I can go where no one can bother me. It's something that I look forward to at the end of the day. I love a good sci-fi story and I've been trying to get into romance- Just waiting for the right kind I guess. The people that are following me are absolutely AMAZING writers, along with everyone else, so you should totally check them out!!! If you're looking for a story of mine to check out, I'd recommend the story They're just Fireworks-Just Fireworks. It was really fun to write, and I personally, think that it's one of my best stories. I also really liked my poem, Soldier, Look to the Moon; Child, Look to the Moon. It was sad and yet so invigorating to write. P.S. - If you write a comment on my stories, I will upvote it, and follow you too!! ;D