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P.S. Writers block has currently taken over, so you won't get as much out of me anymore. I'm also waiting for Contest #44 and its prompts so I can FINALLY know what to write, haha! Hi, I'm Avani. I'm American-Indian, LOL! (I know it may not look like it, haha.) I'm ten, and I love to read and write! Make sure to check out Daryl Gravesande and Rhondalise Mitza. They're both so sweet and great writers. I love to talk. If you don't, you'll probably hate me, haha. Hobbies: Writing, Sprinting, Bike Riding, Video Games Favorite Movie(s): Sweet Home Alabama, Catch Me If You Can, Rush Hour 1, 2, & 3, Legally Blonde Favorite Show(s): The Flash, DC Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Hostages, You (Literally ANY movie or shows that are PG-13 or Rated R and/or movies that star Jackie Chan.) Favorite Song(s): Don't have any! Make sure to let me know what your favorite songs are!