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Avani is an avid reader and writer, who likes lattes a little too much. For Avani, her favorite stories are 'Moonlight Reflection' and 'Suntan Lotion.' Try those out if you haven't already. Oh and, the correct way to pronounce my name is by imagining the a after the v is gone (Avni instead of Avani). :) There really are writers and people here on Reedsy whom I love with all my soul. Here are a few from the bunch: 1. Laiba. She's an amazing, nice person but sweet on the inside. Her name is so beautiful, and I love that she loves it, too. She's the most confident person I've met, which I unfortunately lack. I'm so grateful I found her. 2. Kylie, Amany, Amaya, Rhondalise and Aerin are almost always on Reedsy. Their fun to talk to and great people to be friends with. Rosey Flowers is great, too, because she's one heck of a supporter. 3. Some of my favorite authors include Maggie Deese, Zilla Babbitt, Abigail Airuedomwinya, Courtney Stuart, and Phoebe Barr. Their incredibly nice and awesome writers. 4. I'd like to thank Deidra for making me realize how beautiful Shakespeare is. Thank you. 5. Additionally, Tyler Runde, Scout Tahoe, Leo Greer, and Laura Clark are all amazing critiquers. 6. For this last one, I'd like to dedicate it to every single one of you. To me, Reedsy is an escape from reality. You all remind me to keep my head in the clouds and my fingers on the keyboard. I have grown since coming here, and that is all thanks to you guys. Quiz Links: https://forms.gle/8QJgy9SBb2dwFh24A https://forms.gle/TvjggYvgpHr6vHFg7 "Life is meant to be enjoyed, not monetized. You're not a product." - Amaya (Previously Bibilo_ Phile) "Write instead." - Zilla Babbitt "Stop messing with my karma points, y'all." - Batool Hussain "Not young. Not old. Living in the in-between." - Abigail Airuedomwinya "Love ❤️ to all of you writers who toil in obscurity. I see you." - Deidra Lovegren "I really wouldn't be here without this wonderful community that God has put in my life!" - Maggie Deese "I’ve been making shit up as long as I can remember." - Sarah Greenwood "No matter how far we travel, we will always be remembered." - Twilight Bee