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🩳 SHORT VERSION 🩳 Writing short stories and rp-fanfiction since I was 10 years old. For the last 15 years I have worked in the video production biz. I have two dogs named after Willow characters. I am also convinced my cat stopped growing once we decided to name her, Lil'Baby. ✒️ WRITING STYLE ✒️ Still figuring that one out. I enjoy character development and dialogue most of all. I also really love world-building. I usually know more about the worlds and character backstories I write about than I do the actual goal of the story. 📚 GENRE OF CHOICE 📚 I really enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction. Though I'm also not opposed to horror, thrillers, and historical fiction. It really depends on the story and what the story needs. 💪 WRITING STRENGTHS 💪 I like to think my dialogue and character voices aren't terrible? But I could be wrong. 🤢 WRITING WEAKNESSES 🤢 Commas. Sorry grammar-nazis commas and I just can't seem to harmonize. 🕰️ PREFERRED WRITING HOURS 🕰️ Night - but I'm getting better at writing when the sun is out. 🥤 WRITING DRINK 🥤 2000ml Water Jug. I take it everywhere. 🏰 HOGWARTS HOUSE 🏰 Hufflepuff w/ Gryffindor traits. Friends with a lot of Slytherins. 📻 PODCAST 📻 Revamping my podcast Fall 2020! Hoping to do some audiobook readings of the prompt submissions done here. 📱 OTHER SOCIALS 📱 I'm @ohheyvoid on everything.