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**10,000 points! Thank you all sm!** ★彡 Life is tough darling, but so are you. 彡★ **You know you're reedsy friends when you stop using that overly formal language in comments** **Let's call ourselves Reeders!** Amany is known as the nerdy one in her friend group. She's an ambivert, because she can be really quiet, but as her favorite teacher has once said, her personality is loud. She thinks humans are weird and would much rather live with her native species, the bibliophiles. She loves reading, writing stories, and when she's in the right mood, writing poetry. If you've lost her, she's probably eating something or another, stu(dying), obsessing/fangirling over Grant Gustin and Louis Partridge, or changing the wallpaper of her phone. She adores journals, eos, pink lemons, penguins, and Disney songs. If you've crossed her, the only way to make her happy again is to become one of her favorite fictional characters. Or chocolate. Chocolate always works. Her current research obsession is Japan so if you have any interesting facts to share, please don't hesitate. Her favorite words are chimpanzee and conundrum, and she'll probably find a way to twist them into a conversation. After rewriting her bio more times than she can count, she's realized she likes talking about herself quite a bit. She likes drawing a little, even though she's not very good. She's waiting for more cutesy romance prompts as she sips her frozen cappuccino and scrolls through Pinterest. She loves all her Reedsy friends dearly and is very grateful for the platform in general. She's been in the midst of making an alien apocalypse form thing for over a month now, so don't expect it any time soon. She also was thinking of maybe sharing sketches with ya'll, but Orenda's are too good so she shall not. She also thinks this whole third-person thing sounds a bit British, but she’s always wanted to be British anyway(like LOUIS PARTRIDGEKSJDFLAKSDJF), so it’s alright. She hopes you have an amazing day and that all your goals in this life are reached. ✨🌥⛅️