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Hey! I may not have the best characteristics or what you are looking for but I am friendly, and smile very much! this is my first time being in such a platform to share my writing, so please show support 😄 I am not a pro and write for fun, please do not judge If u gotta love me then love me for who I am not what I do💀 I would be your shoulder at your toughest days and smile during your brightest💖 I will follow for follow, if I don't then feel free to unfollow😏 I am more of a horror writer so if all what you see here is horror do not be surprised. NGL I cannot think of anything apart from horror scenes and words n all😅 If yall could help me with some ideas I would be very happy😊 IF YOU ARE INTRESTED IN MY WRITING HERE IS A LIST OF THE SERIES I HAVE CREATED SO FAR (not that you need to follow it, but for better understanding it is better to go through all parts): SERIES #1 PART 1: REVENGE OF THE DEAD. PART 2:WANTED FOR DEATH. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!