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Dearest downvoter, Everybody is doing a letter/poem/super-witty-thing-I-could-never-think-of to you, so I’d like to chip it. Now, I’m not going to be rude. I’m not going to release a torrent of insults, laugh at your craziness for an hour, or event unleash the (snarky-but-kinda-dark-) jokes I’ve made up. I just want to say one thing: *>*>*>!!CONGRATULATIONS!!<*<*<* You, my dude, are making history with your heartlessness. Look up the word ‘downvoter’, okay? I did a couple minutes ago, hoping to find pictures of your smirking face, but instead I found definitions. Duh. And there were quite a few definitions—but they were all verbs, not a noun, a person. Not a SINGLE one say: Downvoter Down-vote-errr Noun Definitions: a) A jerk b) the first person to break the standing world record of pettiness in a while, since God offered Eve an apple, was like, “SCREW YOU, YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO EAT IT! JK! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” and left c) a heartless robot with no job, as they spend hours a day being rude d) such a charmer, as many (like Rhonda) would just LOVE to marry you so your children can be just as petty. *hmm, I realize that WAS a bit rude. Oh well. Sorry for calling you a jerk, although you kind earned it...* So, congrats! You are the first of that definition of downvoter. Billions of years and billions of people? Wow! You should be proud for achieving the level of jerkishness, pettiness, heartlessness, and selfish charm. Dang. With so very much love for you on this special day in history, Aerin R. Bernstein